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Is it possible to feel nausea from pregnancy only five days after ovulation?


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2007-01-29 19:02:52
2007-01-29 19:02:52

I am going threw the same thing cramps and nausia .. I get a blood test tomorrow it is only 6 days after ovulation --- YES!


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After 16 days of ovulation a pregnancy test be positive.

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it is possible...light bleeding is a sign of pregnancy...but i dont know about it being on your ovulation day tho...get a pregnancy test tho if you missyour period

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Yes, it is possible. That is roughly when ovulation occurs. So if you have sex within a couple days on either side of your ovulation, pregnancy is quite possible.

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From 7 days past ovulation until like 26 days past ovulation anything is possible!(this is home pregnancy test) Blood test (quantitive HCG) is more accurate after 7-10 days past ovulation(possible conception) All the best!

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