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It is unlikely that you will become a Neurosurgeon.

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Q: Is it possible to get a good job after being expelled from school?
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What is the difference of being suspended and being expelled?

Being suspended means temporarily being removed from school or an organization for a specific period of time, typically due to misconduct. On the other hand, being expelled is a permanent removal from school or an organization, usually for serious or repeated violations of rules or policies. Expulsion typically involves a more severe consequence compared to suspension.

Why did Robert Pattinson get expelled from his elementary school?

For being an extremely good looking boy? Haha, i don't know.

Did Hitler get expelled from school?

no he was too good

Why was Albert Einstein expelled from school?

Albert Einstein was expelled from school for not being a good student. He did not has his respect for his authority,neither have much patience while in school .His Teachers felt that other students would not do better if Einstein remained in the school.He also use to act very smart and used to smile in a confident manner even in front of the director of the school.

Did Robert Pattinson get good or bad grades?

He got expelled from his school.

Can you use pen gun at school?

Good luck getting suspended/expelled.

What are some good ways to be expelled from a private school without using drugs or vandalizing?

Kill someone. You'll definitely get expelled. And arrested.

What is a good mean ful sentnce for bully?

After many suspensions, the school bully was finally expelled.

What can you get expelled for at school?

It depends on the school. Generally, doing something more than a little dangerous or causing expensive damage or loss to school property would be good ways to get expelled from most schools. Also, at many schools, refusing to listen to what they tell you to do. Some schools have rules for when you can be expelled, and at others, the principal or head of the school can expel you any time (s)he wants to.

If you get expelled from school can you come back the next year to the same school?

the only way to go back to the school that you got expelled from is to take summer school and have good grades in summer school. If you even got expelled or RPC'd then that might be a big problem.

Why was Robert Pattinson expelled from school?

he was expelled for kicking his friend in the nuts wow. how did u find that out? Seriously, the only way you would have gotten that information is if you had met him. He has never said that ONCE!

Where Albert Einstein go to school?

Einstein stated that he hated the learning regimen of his Munich school, and often clashed with his teachers. Although he was never expelled, he did leave the school in order to study at Zurich.