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It is not possible if the two geometric figures are finite.

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Is a cylinder a plane geometric shape?

No, plane geometric figures are ones like triangles and circles that can fit completely in the plane. A cylinder needs 3, not 3 dimensions and will not fit in the plane.

What type of geometric figure is formed by the intersection of a line and plane?

a polygon a polygon * * * * * No it is not! If the line is in that plane then it is the whole line. If not, it is a single point.

Where does a plane and a line intersect?

In most cases, in a single point. It is also possible that there is no intersection, or that the intersection is the entire line.

What geometric term can be used to describe .F?

F is not a geometric shape that is used. The standard geometric term vertex means the intersection point of two sides of a plane figure. If F is meant to represent figure this term might apply.

Difference between fractals and other geometric figures?

Traditional geometric figures have dimensions which are integers: 0 for a point, 1 for a line or Mobius strip, 2 for a plane figure or Klein bottle, and 3 for a solid. Fractals have dimensions which are not integers.

What is the intersection of the sphere with the yz plane?

The intersection of a sphere with a plane is a point, or a circle.

What geometric figure has a measurable length?

Any two dimentional geometric figure has a measurable length. This measurement is called circumference. This is also called a plane figure. Examples of plane figures with measurable lengths are: triangle, square, circle, and rectangle.

The intersection of a plane and a line is?

If the line is not IN the plane ... it just zaps through the plane from some direction ... then it touches the plane in only one point. The intersection is a point.if it is lined up with the plane, then the intersection is a line.

What is section plane?

Section plane is the intersection of a plane cutting through a solid

What is the intersection of a plane and a line not on the plane?

point * * * * * or, nothing (if the line is parallel to the plane).

What are tessellation templates?

These are possible ways of laying out copies of a geometric shape, usually a polygon, such that it covers a plane with gaps or overlaps.

What do you find at the intersection of a plane an a line?

Unless the line is a subset of the plane, the intersection is a point.

What plane figures can you make if you trace one?

The number of plane figures that can be traced, is that every plane figure can be traced!

Are circles plane figures?

Yes, plane figures are flat, not 3-dimensional shapes.

Area and perimeter of plane figures?

the area and perimeter of the plane figures are square ,rectangle

What is the intersection of two plane describe how it formed?

the A plane is intersect the plane B It's a line.

How many points are you a intersection of a line and a plane?

There are two possible answers; if the line is crossing the plane at an angle, then the line and the plane only intersect at one point. However, if the line is part of the plane, then the entire line intersects with the plane, and there are an infinite number of intersecting points.

What does not have a point of intersection?

Two parallel lines, a plane and a line in a plane parallel to it.

Where does plane ABC and plane DCG intersect at?

the intersection of planes DCG and EAB

What are the plane figures?

Plane figures are those that have a length and width but no height. they are two dimensional or flat.

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