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Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

there are roughly 4 weeks in a month


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Q: Is it possible to have a pregnancy due date of 10 months?
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Is your due date for pregnancy exactly 9 months?


When did you get pregnant if your due date is on April 27?

i believe somewhere in August because during pregnancy, it takes nine months for the baby to be due.

What is the algorithm used for pregnancy due date calculators?

Naegele's Rule is a mathematical formula often used in pregnancy due date calculators. This is a formula that adds 7 days to the first LMP and then subtracting three months from that figure.

How long is donkey pregnancy?

Donkeys are notorious for not producing their foals on their due date. The average is 12 months (a horse's pregnancy is 11 months) but 11-13 months is normal. If the donkey is carrying a hinny foal, the average is 11.5 months.

Where could one find a conception calculator?

One can find a conception calculator on the "BabyMed" website. The BabyMed conception calculator and reverse pregnancy due date calculator helps you find the possible conception date retrospectively. Just enter your due date, and the pregnancy conception date calculator will calculate the exact possible dates when you got pregnant.

When is Snooki's due date?

Well she has gone public about her pregnancy in late February, and sources say she is about 3-4 months along. Doing the math and adding another 5 or 6 months onto that, and you can expect snooki's due date to be around late august.

Two months or so off the pill and you are pregnant and you had two periods that were 10 days apart how do you figure the due date which lmp do you use?

You get an ultrasound and have them date the pregnancy that way.

Is it possible to conceive in may if your due march?

Takes 10 months to have a baby not nine so count back & it will give you ur due date

Due date based on date of intercourse?

.... 9 months.

How can one calculate their pregnancy due date?

Cow and Gate have a pregnancy calculator on their website, or you could just add 9 months and 1 week to the date of the first day of your last period. The only accurate calculation is the first scan.

When did you get pregnant if your due date was sept 30 1988?

Around the end of January 1988, it is impossible to be precise but the average pregnancy lasts 9 months.

How can one figure out a pregnancy due date?

Simple, just find out when you got pregnant and add 9 months. For better results see a doctor.

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