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is it possible to have cramps and spotting when you did a pregnancy test and you sure you're pregnant of 1 week

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2010-04-26 02:54:56
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Q: Is it possible to have cramps and spotting at 1 week pregnant?
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What should you do if you are eight weeks pregnant and have been spotting for a week with cramps?

You need to see an OBGYN. Good luck and God Bless:)

Are cramps possible the week of conception?

Yes its possible.

Is spotting over a week normal while pregnant?


You think you might be a week pregnant but started spotting can you still be pregnant?

If you are looking "not to be pregnant" you are probably in luck. Spotting is an early indication of a late period, in your case.

My girl has been trying to get pregnant but she was on birth control so she stopped and then she started having cramps and bleeding every other week Is it possible that she was pregnant?

ask a doctor ;]

I have been spotting for a week very light brown discharge very sore breasts and cramps but no period what are the possibilities?

Have you been having sex? You could be pregnant. If your period is late, you should test.

What does it mean when you are a week late and spotting?

That you could be pregnant. Take a test

If your late by a week on your period and you get cramps and mood swings are you pregnant?

no. not at all .

You have been off the pill for atleast a week and ive had bad cramps and spotting could this be a sign of something?

Same thing happened to me after getting off the pill. I later found out that I had been pregnant while experiencing the horrible cramps. I suggest taking a pregnancy test.

1 week late and spotting what is this?

You could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test

Is it normal to have spotting one week into pregnancy?

About one half of all pregnant women have spotting very early in pregnancy.

What does it mean when having cramps a week later after finished your period?

You're pregnant

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