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Pregnancy symptoms usually occur around the first week of the expected period, though some can being around one to two weeks after the first week of your expected period.

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Q: Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms in 5 days of intercourse?
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Is it possible that you would experience symptoms of pregnancy a week after you had intercourse?

The chances of having pregnancy symptoms one week after sex are pretty slight. For detecting pregnancy you have to wait at least for 15 days and then take a test.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms couple days after intercourse?

No it takes about 3 days to get pregnant and then it takes even longer to get symptoms.

Can pregnancy symptoms start a few days after intercourse?

No, Only if you are pregnant.

Is vomiting 4 days after intercourse a symptom of pregnancy?

It would be too early to be having pregnancy symptoms. The earliest you would get pregnancy symptoms is 2 weeks after sex

How soon can you have sypmtoms of pregnancy after intercourse?

The symptoms start about 10 days post ovulation....

Are there any symptoms of pregnancy 3 days after intercourse?

no there are no signs of pregnancy until a period of two weeks after intercourse. unless you have missed a period in that case hahaha

Is it possible to feel prenancy symptoms three days after intercourse?


Is it possible to have a positive home pregnancy test six days after intercourse if you were ovulating the night of intercourse?

Only after your missed period you can determine pregnancy not during ovualtion

Could you have symptoms of pregnancy 2 days after having intercourse?

No, because there isn't enough of the pregnancy hormone in your body to cause the symptoms yet. However, if you're having symptoms of pregnancy, you may want to consider when the last time you had sex was prior to two days ago.

How soon after intercourse can and will a woman start having pregnancy symptoms?

It takes approximately 10 days for implantation to occur after an egg is fertilized. This is typically when women start to experience pregnancy symptoms.

Is it possible for the effects of pregnancy to show up 24 hours after possible conception?

No this is impossible because you will not be pregnant 24 hours after intercourse. It takes in total 5 days for fertilization and conception to occur and for the embryo to form. At the earliest, pregnancy symptoms usually occur 14 days after conception but it can be earlier.

Can symptoms of pregnancy appear after only 2 days?

After two days of sex? Probably not because conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse.

How many days after intercourse does your body knOw it's pregnant?

You can detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test 14 days after intercourse.

16 days after intercourse you notice your cervical discharge had hints of blood You also have other pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomitting and sore breasts?

nausea vomitting and sore breast are symptoms of pregnancy

Can you be pregnant if you were eight days late but have all the pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to be pregnant. Symptoms can appear at any time.

Is it possible to know a woman is pregnant at two weaks pregnant?

You can determine pregnancy 14 days after intercourse.

Can you be pregnant within five days of having had intercourse?

It is possible. Conception occurs within 5-7 days after intercourse. Although you will not be able to detect pregnancy at this point. You should wait at least two weeks after intercourse before receiving an accurate home-pregnancy test.

If you have ovulated 6 days ago could you experience pregnancy symptoms?

No. It is impossible to experience pregnancy symptoms till the Embryo has implanted in your Uterus and begins releasing HCG. When the HCG is at a high enough level then you begin experiencing symptoms. It takes 8-12 days after intercourse for HCG to be relased. So narrow it down to 2 weeks and then you can test 3 weeks after intercourse.

You had intercourse three days ago and now you have nausea and you have mild cramps can you be pregnant?

It is possible but you will not have any pregnancy symptoms only three days after intercourse. You would need to wait a minimum of fourteen to twenty-one days after intercourse to experience symptoms.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain.

Is it possible to get a positive home pregnancy test 4 days after intercourse?

Possible but not accurate. Too soon. Try after you miss your first period.

Can pregnancy detect in week after intercourse?

No, you need to wait 14 days (two weeks) after intercourse to determine pregnancy.

Can your girlfriend have symptoms of being pregnant after a week from intercourse?

Probably not. Symptoms of pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes, seven days is not sufficient time for hormones to be causing symptoms. She maybe having PMS - the symptoms are often similar.

Will you know if your pregnant after 9 days?

It's possible but not likely. You should wait approximately fourteen days after intercourse to get an accurate pregnancy test result.

Does pregnancy occurs if sperm is accidentally inserted by finger into the vaginal without intercourse and ovulation is about 10 days away?

It is possible.

Can you use pregnancy test kit after 7 days of intercourse?

It is best if you wait until 14 days after intercourse.