Is it possible to lift 5 tons?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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With the proper equipment, absolutely !

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Q: Is it possible to lift 5 tons?
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Is it possible to lift 100 tons?

In Animation: Yes In a filmed movie or real life: No

How many tons can batman lift?

Batman can lift over 12 or 13 tons

How much weight can an excavator lift?

Depending on the size of the excavator , 1 to 3 tons, larger excavators used in mines and road building applications can lift 5-20 tons . Mini excavators can lift smaller than a ton.

How many tons can sonic lift?

atleast 10 tons

How much can venom lift?

Venom can lift 40 tons

How 2 cranes of 40 tons can lift in tandem one weight of 75 tons?

In practice, the cranes have to be "synchronized" which creates certain problems for controlling the lift. But as 40 + 40 = 80 there is ample overhead whentrying to lift 75 tons. The cranes would each lift opposite sides of the load at the same time.

How much can spider man lift?

100 tons

What are some exercises you can do with your 5 year old boy for weight loss?

Let the 5 year old lift 100 pound weights and he will lose tons of weight

Is Lobo as strong as Spider-Man?

Spiderman can lift 10 tons and Lobo can lift in excess of 100 tons So Lobo is at least 10 times stronger.

5 metric tons is equal to how many tons?

5 metric tons is 5.51 tons.

How strong is Marvel Comics the thing?

He can lift about 85 tons.

How many short tons are equal to 5 long tons?

5 tons (long) = 5.6 tons (short)