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Making a Skirt Waist BiggerSometimes these questions don't give you enough information but if my answer doesn't help, please submit it again. Once a garment is made it is very unlikely that you can make the waist larger, BUT................Idea #1,if there is a button and a zipper in the garment, you could add a PC of elastic to the current button and button hole to give you a little more room, but you will need to wear a blouse or jacket over the area to hide it. Remove your button and sew it on the end of the elastic that will now extend into the button hole and sew the other end of the elastic where the original button was attached........#2, If the original waistband was sewn separately to the top of the skirt, you will first need to remove the waistband and let out some of the seams of the skirt. If you can get the extra width out of the skirt, you will then need to make a new, larger waistband to fit on the adjusted skirt............#3 If the skirt has a sewn on waistband, you could remove the waistband completely and then sew a piece of binding or ribbon around the top of the skirt, then turn it to the inside and hand sew to finish. This works most often if it is just the waist that is too tight. You will find it much more comfortable as well. I sincerely . Kate
2015-07-14 14:59:37
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What are some of The sewing laboratory equipment found in the sewing lab?

equipments are large, operated by electricity. Examples are iron shears sewing machine skirt measure etc.

What is the sewing process for changing blue jeans into a blue jean skirt?

cut the pants legs off and make u a design and there is a skirt

When sewing what are darts?

Darts give shaping, typically when sewing a skirt/pants they are located on the back of the skirt near the top. In a shirt/dress darts can be between the waist and the bust length wise or on the outside of the bust (between the bust and side)

How do you alter a skirt?

Try your skirt on inside out, and mark with a pin on the non-zippered side (or both sides, if your skirt has a zipper in the back) where you want to place your seam. Try to get this pin placement as close to your hip or waist as possible, so the skirt is as fitted to your waist as possible.

How do you make a skirt with a sewing machine?

Answer 2: The easiest way is to purchase an easy rated pattern and follow the directions.

Is it possible for a white stain on a black skirt to be urine?


What would possible wear if the was life on mars?

A skirt

What was a petticoat?

a petticoat is what goes underneath a dress or a skirt, to make it look bigger .

What materials are good for hand sewing a skirt?

When hand sewing a skirt, a soft flexible fabric is best. A fabric which is too firm or inflexible will be difficult to cut and stitch. Cotton is good for almost all forms of clothing. Some polyester fabrics may be suitable, but it is worth double checking how easily the fabric can be penetrated with a needle before purchasing.

Will a shark dressed in a skirt automatically talk like a human?

No, it is not possible.

What are sewing pins used for?

Pins are typically used to hold fabric in place prior to sewing, especially when hemming a dress or skirt or pants or, even, curtains.It makes it easier to move through the thread.Answer two:To hold the fabric in place while you sew.

What is the easiest sewing pattern?

The easiest sewing patterns are:pillows/pillowcasesscarftotes with drawstringapronheadbandelastic waist skirtpajama bottomscell phone/iPad coverSimplicity/McCall's/Vogue/Butterick pattern labeled "Very Easy"

Where can you find modest and pretty dress patterns?

Most sewing patterns offer options for sleeves or can easily be made modest by lengthening the skirt and adding or lengthening sleeves. That is the beauty of sewing your own clothing - you make it how you want it! You could also add a jacket or bolero to a sleeveless dress. Check out the "Related Links" below for a few modest sewing patterns.

How do you make a Christmas tree skirt?

You buy some Christmas fabrics, take a needle and thread OR a sewing machine, measure the tree length around, and sew it. Glad to help!

Where can I find skirt sewing patterns online?

There are many different sewing patterns you can find online. Pinterest is a wonderful site which allows users to upload all different kinds of things and I would imagine that there are plenty of different sewing patterns you could uncover. You could also check various different forums and message boards having to do with the specific topic you are searching.

How do you make bed skirt without a sewing machine?

Stitch it by hand, or use tape to attach a skirt of fabric to the box springs on your bed. Another idea would be to purchase enough fabric to simply cover the entire box springs and hang over the edges far enough to skirt it. This would work well with a double or Queen Bed, using king bed sheeting.

Where can a get a free high-waisted skirt sewing pattern on-line?

go to for a they one other HW Skirt I saw as well as some other cute patterns too, some for free, some for a couple of dollars. Worth a look. Hope this helps :)

How do you wear a skirt?

With a high-waisted skirt, you tuck your shirt into your skirt. (Make sre the skirt is above your waist!) With a normal skirt I guess you would just pull it on to your hips?

What is a skirt marker?

A skirt marker is a professional marking device that is used in tailoring. A skirt marker will assist in finding out the length of a skirt.

What is 'skirt' when translated from English to Italian?

"Skirt" in English is gonna in Italian.

What is a stoking skirt?

A really sexy skirt

Do you look better in a dress or skirt?


What is a short skirt?

A short skirt is a skirt that comes at the knees or even shorter above the knee

What is the correct name for a Hawaiian skirt?

The male skirt is called a malo. The female skirt is a pāʻū.

What is a circular skirt?

A circular skirt is a skirt that is done by cutting just a circle out of a piece of fabric.