Is it possible to ovulate without poducing and egg to fertilize?


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When you ovulate, you release an egg, therefore if you do not release an eg,, you have not ovulated


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no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

No. The only way to get pregnant is to be impregnated, and that means having a sperm cell fertilize your egg, or ovum.

To fertilize soil without manure, you can use orange peels, eggshells, or even vegetable peels.

YES you can still ovulate without a menstrual cycle. Also you can still get pregnant without a period.

It is possible to ovulate (release an egg) even without menstruation. Therefore, she probably was ovulating but not menstruating. This meant that it was possible for her to get pregnant.

No, it is not possible. Cats are different to other mammals in that the female requires the act of mating in order to stimulate ovulation. This is called "reflex ovulation". A female that is not mated will not ovulate. Most mammals will ovulate automatically at a set time, usually during breeding season, but no animal can conceive without a male's sperm.

I don't think the other answer is correct, sperm lives for up to 5 days inside you and if there is sperm waiting then you have every chance of conceiving. Yes you will still ovulate as you haven't 'conceived' yet, you can't 'conceive' without an egg. Hope this helps I DON'T THINK IT IS POSSIBLE TO CONCEIVE 2 DAYS BEFORE OVULATION BECAUSE OVULATING IS THE RELEASE OF AN EGG FROM THE FALLOPIAN TUBE. IF THE EGG HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED (AS IN BEFORE OVULATION) THERE IS NOTHING FOR THE SPERM TO FERTILIZE.

Yes, after Mirena is removed, you will ovulate about 14 days before you have your first period.

The pure breed is retained in its parental form without segregation on self-fertilization.

If you by without function mean they don't release any eggs, you can not get pregnant. It requires a egg that the sperm can fertilize. You can however have someone elses egg fertilized and implanted in your uterus.

No, there has to be an egg ovulated for the sperm to fertilize.

Best thing to do is to water it immediately after you fertilize it. Leaving fertilizer on the lawn without watering it risks the chance of burning the grass.

No! It is in fact the males(every species)that fertilize the eggs. The females only produce eggs.

Yes, but the chance is slim. Generally woman have 28 day cycles, which means they ovulate around day 14 of their cycle (day one being the first day of your period) However, some women (me included) can have short cycles, where they ovulate earlier than usual, then get their next period earlier. since no one can be certain (without ovulation kits) when they ovulate then it is possible to ovulate on day 9 and have a short period. hope that helps.

This is a tricky question to answer because your period can only come after you have ovulated. So, if you have not been having your period and are not pregnant then you are not ovulating. BUT ovulation could start at any time, with a period following two weeks later. For example, some women do not ovulate (thus stop getting periods) when they are stressed. When the stress lessens the body may then allow them to ovulate, and they will get a period. If you ovulate and do not get pregnant then you must get your period, however you can also get your period without having ovulated.

No - you need a sperm AND an egg to get pregnant !

Yes, you can ovulate (be fertile) while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not a guaranteed form of birth control. You can ovulate and get pregnant without ever getting your period back.

To be fair, even if guinea hens don't need a male to fertilize their eggs, they would be very bored without them!

No, a male must fertilize the eggs or they will not hatch.

No, you can still ovulate without a twinge of pain or discomfort in either breast.

Yes. when they first start many girls have a period without ovulating and may also ovulate without having a period. Also when approaching menopause the same occurs. Some women do not seem to ovulate all the time during the intervening years also but they would probably have irregular periods.

There's no way the girl will get pregnant, because the boy did not ejaculate, so that means no sperm or semen excreted that will fertilize a mature egg of the female.

Yes, just put it in dog feces to fertilize it.

It is not possible to get herpes without contact.

Ovulation is defined as the release of an egg. You can't, therefore, have one without the other.

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