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Q: Is it possible to own a sloth in South Carolina?
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What would be an epic pet and a possible one mind you to own?

A sloth. A penguin would be the ideal epic pet. But they are illegal to own.

Can you own a sloth in North Carolina?

Yes! I breed them and I own roughly 65. They make excellent house pets and are very lovable.

Who owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?

Not Michael Jackson. He does own the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" that is included in the Beatles songs he has the rights to, but he does not own the rights of "South Carolina on My Mind".Always check Snopes.

Is concealment of property legal in south Carolina?

If it is your own, certainly not.

How many cars can you own in South Carolina?

As many as you can afford.

Is it legal to own a sloth without a license in Doylestown PA?

No, to own a sloth you must obtain a license.

Can you own a long gun in south Carolina with a with a drug charge?

Hope not

Was South Carolina and North Carolina combined during the Civil War?

No they were not, South Carolina was the first state to join the Confederacy and North Carolina was one of the last. Both states were independent from each other and had their own state governments.

Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?

No, he doesn't. He owns the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" which is part of the Beatles collection he owns the rights to. He does not own the rights to "South Carolina on My Mind".

How many animals can you own in South Carolina?

There is no limit to having animals in South Carolina. It's like any other state. Although, you are not allowed and snakes in this state.

In South Carolina can a notary public perform a marriage ceremony for their own child?

Yes, they can

Are switch blades illegal in South Carolina?

They are legal to own but you cannot carry them on your person.