Is it possible to run out of sperm?

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2017-09-12 19:09:13

The male body produces roughly 1,000 sperm per second, so no, a

healthy male can never run out of sperm. However he might (through

frequent ejaculation) temporarily not have enough to ejaculate or

to be visible.

It depends on the health of their reproductive organs. It is in

the testicles where sperm is produced. But, if a man is a heavy

drinker and/or smoker, it can damage the sperm and in severe cases,

stop sperm production totally.

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2012-07-24 17:52:49

You won't, unless you have some serious health problem. Nor will

you run out of saliva if you spit, in the case of sperm, it is

similar: new sperm is produced on demand.

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