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Yes, it is possible to CT scan a child.

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Q: Is it possible to take ct scan of a child's brain?
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How much time does an mri brain scan take?

When I fractured my skull a couple of years ago the mri scan took about 20 minutes. (UK Hospital).

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How long does a brain test take?

A brain test if you are referring to a CAT scan is anywhere from a few minutes to a hour depending on what they are looking for. If you want to know how long yours could take make sure that you talk to your doctor ahead of time.

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Please explain what you mean by "reprogram," with examples if possible.

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At the moment a brain transplant is not possible. It is not possible at the moment, but I wouldn't be too supprised if it was in the near future. And yes, the donor would have to be dead. But (I'm assuming) the brain on the other hand, would have to be alive, so the donor would have had to just died. Also, take into consideration that a transplant would be extremely hard to do, considering the brain is so delicate.

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