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Yes, a kidney stone.

2006-08-03 05:49:13
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Is it possible to have erections while peeing?

You can only urinate through a less-than-fully-erect penis.

Will a cat urinate in places other than the litterbox out of spite?

Oh yeah!

Can a small object have more mass than a larger object?

Yes, that is possible, if the small object is denser than the larger object. For example, you could easily have a small iron object that has more mass than a larger Styrofoam object.

If an object takes up more space than another object what will it have?

Greater volume than the other object.

An object will float if it is dense than the surrounding liquid?

No, it is not possible.

Why would one object move faster then than another?


What happens to the buoyant force is greater than its weight?

If the buoyant force is greater than the weight of an object than the object will accelerate (assuming there are no other forces acting on the object)

When two forces act on an object what three things can change?

There are more than three possible changes. Some of them are:The object is crushed.The object is stretched.The object undergoes a shear distortion.Nothing happens: the object is more resistant than the forces acting on it.

What is you over 4 as a decimal?

Since "you" is not a number it is not possible to give a answer other than u/4 = 0.25u.Since "you" is not a number it is not possible to give a answer other than u/4 = 0.25u.Since "you" is not a number it is not possible to give a answer other than u/4 = 0.25u.Since "you" is not a number it is not possible to give a answer other than u/4 = 0.25u.

Do particles in a hot object move slower than those in a colder object?

No,it is actually the other way around.Particles in a hot object move faster than particles do in a colder object.

Is it possible for an object's weight to be different than its mass?

More then possible! It is so by definition. Mass is the "amount" of material in an object; weight is the force the object exerts under the influence of gravity.

What do you call the line which displays the object and is drawn darker than other lines?

Object Line

What does a force have to be than friction?

If you wish to actually move an object, some other force on the object has to be greater than the force of friction.

How can you urinate further than you do?

Pinch your foreskin together. It makes a bubble and builds enough pressure to urinate 5 metres.

Do male cats urinate more than female cats?

yes it's a territory thing!Another AnswerHow much a cat urinates depends on what it is fed, and how much water it drinks. Gender has no factor.An intact (not neutered) male cat will spray as many surfaces as possible to mark out territory and to attract a female. Unspayed female cats do this also to some extent. Neutered cats, female or male, do not urinate more than the other.

What is the object of baseball?

The object of a single game in baseball is to score more runs than the other team.

If an object float in water is it more dense than an object that sinks?

other way around, buddy =)

What happens when one force on an object is greater than the other?

The object accelerates in the direction of the resultant force.

Why does tea make you pee?

Tea doesn't make you urinate any more than any other drink containing water does. Whether you drink a 200ml glass of water or a 200ml mug of tea, you'll urinate the same amount. How much you urinate depends on how much you drink and how much of what you drink isn't absorbed by your bloodstream. Some caffeinated drinks can cause contractions to the bladder giving you the feeling that you desperately need to urinate, when in fact you don't. Therefore coffee would make you feel the need to urinate more than tea.

Why some object float and other sinck in the water?

It has to do with density. If an object is less dense than water (for example, oil), it floats. If an object is more dense than water, it sinks.

Why does an object float in water sinks in kerosene oil?

An object will sink if it has greater density than the liquid in which it is placed. Such an object would have to have a density that is LESS than that of water, but MORE than that of kerosene oil.

What occurs when the upward force of air on a falling object equals the downward force of gravity?

The object will come to a stop. However, this case is only theoretically possible, as in reality, the force from movement of air (wind) will have some component other than that in the direction of gravity, and the object will then appear to move in this direction.

Does drinking pop make you urinate more than water?

No, drinking water will make you urinate more than drinking soda. This is because the water cleans the toxins out of your body.

Is it possible for a function to return more than one value at a time?

Yes, return it as an array or an object.

Is it possible for your Alice program to have more than one instance in a class?

It is possible to have more than one instance of the same class, because the class is simply the blue print for the actual object.