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Hello, don't buy china gold because it can be 925 silver gold plated ! " BECAREFUL BE AWARE WITH CHINA PRODUCT " !

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Q: Is it real gold for a bracelet wrote on it's back 925 made in china?
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I found a gold and diamond bracelet. On the back are hallmarks and the word china. Is this item of quality?

If you found a gold and diamond looking bracelet with hallmarks and the word China it is probably not high quality. It is probably fake.

What does R 925 China mean on a gold bracelet?

Gold plated sterling silver bracelet

What does Han china mean on the back of a gold bracelet?

Han China is a manufacturer of jewelries. One of the company's most in-demand jewelries are gold bracelets and necklaces.

What is china 925 on gold bracelet?

925 is the hallmark for sterling silver

What does R925 China mean on a gold ring?

it means that the ring/bracelet is gold plated sterling silver.

What does 925 12 china meen on your bracelet?

92.5 sterling silver coated with 12 karat gold. made in china.

Hello bought a bracelet from China which is supposed to be hallmarked 14ct gold What symbol from China should you look for Please thanks?


What does ALE mean on the back of a gold bracelet?

It's a Pandora jewelry piece.

What does Speidel USA mean on the back of a gold bracelet?

It means it a Speidel bracelet and was made in the USA. Most likely Providence, RI.

What does A S J mean on gold bracelet?

What does asj mean on gold bracelet

Does a white gold bracelet cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet?

A while gold bracelet should not cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet. Yellow gold is pure gold without and other metal, whereas white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal like nickel.

A gold bracelet is marked 925 china is it real gold?

Hi, that means its vermeil. Its real gold coating over .925 silver (good quality silver)

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