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Normally we say, Listen here or please listen to this

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Q: Is it right to say take a listen?
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How do you say get well soon?

you can go up to the person and say you are sorry. listen to what they have to say and take it from there.

How do you last a long relationship?

listen to what they say. ALWAYS, take it slow, and do it on your own dont listen to other people.

What do you do if the child that you are babysitting isn't listening?

If the children you babysit don't listen, bribe them. Say something like: If you listen, I will let you have this candy. Or if the kids can't have food, say: If you listen, the next time I babysit I will take you to the park.

Is let's take a listen proper grammar?

please,could tell me what dies mean hardly and thank you

What should you say to a girl who thinks no one is right for her?

In the words of Marilyn Manson, don't say anything, just listen (and identify with)

What does it mean when someone responds all right when you say thank you?

I think that they were preoccupied in thought and did not listen to what you really said.

Where do you get to take your bin pet out on binweevils?

you can take it out by saying : {name of your bin pet} jump on. you may have to say it a few times to get it to listen to you

Ways of improving communication?

The best way to improve communication is to listen. For most it is very easy to talk and challenging to listen. One must not only listen but effectively listen and by that take notes that way you can refer to them. Then use your notes to ask the right questions.

How do you know when the right time is for love?

Take your time and let your heart figure it out for you dont listen to boys you can wait.

How do you say listen to me in french?

To say listen to me in French, you would say ecoutez-moi. To say I am listening, you would say Je suis a l'ecoute.

How do you say 'listen' in Spanish?

"To listen (to)" in Spanish is "escuchar". "Listen" as a command would be "escuche".

How do you say listen in vietnamese?

listen = nghe or lắng nghe