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Medically I am not certain.Although my husband was on Lexapro for about 2 years and his alcohol consumption did not vary much.My personal opinion (since I was the one watching and documenting behaviors as they changed his meds) is that alcohol seems to lessen the effects of the Lexapro.Or else the depression and repression of emotions with alcohol added are too strong for the dosage he was taking,which was 20mg,to handle.Lexapro is a tough ride for anyone using it for bi-polar manic depression.My husband lives in the manic side of this disorder most of the time.So the dosage for him was to calm him and keep him focused.Alcohol obviously does the opposite for anyone on the medication or not.The effects of stopping this medication "cold turkey" can be devastating for the loved ones or co-workers!Much more so than the person coming off of it!The side effects should be told to you by your prescribing Dr. or your pharmacist.I hope this insight helped at least a little.


I'm a college student and I was on Lexapro for several months. However, when I started on it, I never really heeded the warning on the script about drinking. So, I'd go out and drink my normal amount (not much at all) but I'd go from fine and a little buzzed to practically blacking out. There were times I don't remember a large portion of the night, which started freaking me out. It didn't take me long to figure out it was from the Lexapro. I also have a couple of friends who have experienced the same thing. Eventually I would just not take it on Fridays or Saturdays...which did help, but I wouldn't recommend skipping doses. I would just say you're better off not drinking, as Lexapro definitely has a huge and immediate'll go from totally fine to waking up the next morning wondering what happened.

There is NO prescription drug that is not altered by Alcohol. Some are worse than others and some have long-term effects. Long-term as in reproductive problems, heart problems and neurological damage. So as a rule of thumb it is most advisable to NEVER consume Alcohol while taking ANY Prescription drug.



Alcohol is a depressant and lexapro is and anti-depressant, so drinking will lessen the effects of the lexapro. Anyone who is depressed or bi-polar shouldn't drink anyways. Alcohol will alter the effects of ANY drug.

i am currently on lexapro 20mg and have been for about 6 months. before that i was on lexapro 10mg and before that Zoloft 20mg. my experience of drinking while on the lexapro is that i am fine until the next day. my behaviour and feelings while drinking are the same as when i wasn't on any medication. however, whether hung over or not i experience severe sadness and suicidal thoughts for anything a day to weeks after drinking. as a general rule i do not drink at all anymore because the aftermath is so devastating.

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Q: Is it safe to drink while on Lexapro?
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