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Q: Is it safe to drive a Benz with the ASR light on?
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What does the BAS ASR light mean in a 1999 C230 Benz?

it means change the oil

What are the two items that the ASR backup process creates?

The ASR backup process creates two items: a full backup of the drive on which Windows is installed and an ASR floppy disk on which information that will help Windows use Automated System Recovery (ASR) is stored.

What does it mean when the security light is on and the service asr light is on at the same time in your 93 corvette?

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The ASD light is on in a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E what can be done?

check to see if the wiring harness for the vehicle has been replaced (they were bad from the factory) it could have possibly shorted out the throttle actuator (the big carburetor looking thing) this will cause the asr light to come on

You can use the tool to back up the entire drive on which Windows is installed?


You can use what tool to back up the entire drive on which Windows is installed?


What does the orange tire warning light mean on a vito?

a: ASR - Acceleration Skid Control - The warning light flashes whenever a drive wheel has exceeded its grip limit, regardless of the road speed. b: If this lamp lights up when the engine is running, there is a fault in the ASR system. c: If none of above check the tyre pressures

What does the BAS ASR light mean in a Mercedes?

What_do_the_warning_light_BAS_mean_on_the_1999_Mercedes_C280Read more: What_does_the_BAS_ASR_light_mean_in_a_1999_c200

Why does the Asr light remain on in 1995 Z28 camaro?

If there is a problem with your ABS system your ASR system is inoperable also. Could be something as simple as a wheel bearing tripping up the ABS. Or it could be a problem with the ASR controller.

How do I diagnose an ASR code on a 1991 Mercedes Benz 420SEL?

The code is spelled out in the MB Diagnostic manual or the 91 MB intro book

You have 1991 500 sl ASR light problem how do you find and fix?


What tool can be used to back up the entire drive on which windows is installed?

ASR is the tool name

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