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If you gently roast it, the bitterness goes away and the toasted "nut" tastes very much like a peanut. Here in the San Francisco Bay area we have Bay Trees, the source of the bay leaf used in seasoning. The fruit is identical in structure to the avocado. It is smaller with a very thin layer of yellow green flesh. . .much the likeness of the Pinkerton avocado. The original residents of the area, the Indians, harvested the Bay fruit and roasted it as a regular part of their diet.

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Q: Is it safe to eat avocado seeds?
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Is it safe to eat avocado while pregnant?

Yes... it is safe to eat avocado while being pregnant.

Are orange seeds safe to eat?

No. The seeds from an orange is not safe to eat.

What is bananas classified as?

Bananas are a fruit, there seeds are so small though, that some of them cant be seen by the human eye. there also so small, that there safe to eat (unlike apple seeds, watermelon seeds, avocado seeds, and more).

Is it safe to eat partly brown avocado?


Are watermelon white seeds safe to eat?

All kinds of watermelon seeds are safe to eat.

Is it safe to eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, it is safe to eat watermelon seeds

Are avocado seeds recalcitrant or orthodox?

Avocado produces recalcitrant seeds.

Can you eat avocado with nut allergies?

no just to be safe don't

Are dark areas on avocado safe to eat?

Yes, they are safe to eat. Just like when an apple slice has been left out turns brown, avocado exposed to air turns brown as well. Try to consume your avocado the same day you cut it.

Is it safe to eat grape seeds?

Yes, it totally safe to eat grape seeds. Though I recommend that you buy seedless.

Is it safe to eat a bruised avocado?

Yes, the skin is just damaged, not the part you eat itself.

How many seeds does an avocado have?

An avocado has one seed.

Can dogs eat avocado?

Dogs love avocados but they are toxic. Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds, and bark contain persin which is toxic to dogs but not humans

Are hulled and or unhulled sesame seeds safe to eat raw?

they are both safe to eat raw

Is it safe to eat apples while pregnant?

Yes, but do not eat the seeds.

Are kale beans safe to eat I have kale plants that have bolted and they have beautiful pods full of seeds are these kale beans and seeds safe to eat?

Yes all beans are safe to eat just wash them off and dig in!

Why are orange seeds unsafe to eat?

Orange seeds are perfectly safe to eat, but if you have a delicate stomach you might get sick.

Is it safe to eat the shells of sunflower seeds?


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Are watermelon seeds safe to eat?

Yes. When eating a watermelon the seeds can be safely ignored.

How do you make an ink made of avocado leaves?

I don't know if avocado leaves can be used to produce ink, but avocado seeds can. Avocado seeds, when extracted, produces a milky fluid that will turn red, brown or blackish on exposure.

How many seeds does avocado have?


Is it ok to eat seeds while pregnant?

What kind of seeds are you talking about? Pumpkin, sunflower? YES, they are perfectly safe to eat.

Can goats eat pumpkin seeds?

Not only can they eat pumpkin seeds, but the whole pumpkin. They seem to love both. The seeds are good and safe for them raw or cooked.

Why can't parrots eat avocado?

They can eat avocado, but some kind of parrots don't like the taste of avocado Hi, actually avocado is toxic to parrots and WILL kill them if they eat it.