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Is it safe to eat one year old peanut butter?


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Depends, is it expired?

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No, you could probably get food poisining.

Peanut butter is completely safe to eat while pregnant.

Spiders do not eat peanut butter, they eat insects.

yes they do eat peanut butter and they also eat vegatables.

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can they eat peanut butter? No, parakeets cannot eat peanut butter. They can't eat anything with sugar, salt, or grease added. Peanut butter would kill them.

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it is a caramel filling + milk sugar+ brilled peanut + sweet butter=peanut butter

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first who is them and second how do eat peanut butter

There are many reasons why vegans don't eat peanut butter. One reason is because peanut butter contains salmonella.

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23333333333Each year, Americans eat approximately 700 million pounds of peanut butter. For a comparison, Americans eat roughly 8.8 billion pounds of cheese.

I can and do eat peanut butter. Retail-sized brands of jars of peanut butter do not seem to be involved in the 2009 recall. but everything is fine in 2012

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No peanut butter and jelly werent around then

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Yes it is very safe. My Dr. said it is a great extra way to get protein.

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