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Is it safe to go on a boat while pregnant?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-16 06:15:07

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Yes. Just don't plan on going out in the middle of the ocean when you are near your due date.

2007-06-16 06:15:07
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Q: Is it safe to go on a boat while pregnant?
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Is it safe to get tattoos while pregnant?

Nothing says that it is not safe, but it is not recommended. But I don't see what could go wrong with that.

Can you eat dates while you are pregnant?

yes,you can have dates throughout your pregnancy but in limited quantity.its safe to have dates while you're pregnant so go for it..

Is it safe to go tubing behind a boat if youre possibly pregnant?

No, Tubing is fun but can be very dangerous if you come off.

Is it safe to go swimming while pregnant?

yes=yes it is safe to swin when you are pregnant an its good exercise an it will help when youe having the baby it wont hurt as much=

Is it safe to donate plasma while pregnant?

No, usually they do not let you donate if you are pregnant. The place I go, they ask if you a series of 13 questions every time you come in, and if you have been pregnant, you will get deferred.

How safe is it to go the beach while 8 months pregnant?

It is relatively safe. Make sure you don't have any alcohol and if you feel bad lay down.

Is it safe to shave your legs while pregnant?

i shaved mine the whole time i was pregnant until i couldn't bend down anymore. never had a problem. so go for it.

Can pregnant women go swimming?

Yes, it is safe for a pregnant woman to swim.

Do pregnant sows still go into heat?

No, when a mammal is pregnant it will not go into heat while it is pregnant.

Can you ride in a boat when you are 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes. You can go in a boat at any time during pregnancy

Is it safe to take cardiprin while im pregnant will it harm your baby?

call poison control or go to or google the drug

Is remote control safe to shine on belly while pregnant?

the light from a remote is not harmful as it is not strong enough to go through belly

Is it safe to smell toilet cleaners while pregnant?

many people do but depending on what kind of toilet cleaner it is, it isn't safe because there is many different chemicals that you can breathe in that can go do the baby.

Is it safe to go on a hayride while pregnant?

i would see no problem going on a hayride unless the wagon was hooked up at a tractor pull.

What if you miss your shot and think your pregnant?

GO TO YOUR DR.!! You need to take a test there and they will be able to tell you. It's no safe to get the shot while your preg.

Is it safe to go under ansethesia while pregnant?

It has it's risks so be sure that all your Dr's and nurses know that you are pregnant and/or put off any unnecessary surgeries until after delivery.

Can you fly to go on holiday while pregnant?

Yes you can go on a holiday, by air if you are pregnant. The question they will ask is how many months pregnant are you?

Do you have periods when you are pregnant?

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

What actions is required of Boat A while overtaking Boat B in darkness or reduced visibility?

Go around on either side is the action that is required of Boat A while overtaking Boat B in darkness or reduced visibility.

Is it safe to go on a cruise or fly on airline when you are 7 months pregnant?

not really,what if you go into premature labour,better to be safe than sorry.

Is it safe to go on the Atkins diet while breast feeding?

is it safe to breast feed while on the atkins diet?

Is it safe to take hydrocodone when pregnant?

Actually, you can. It's safe as long as you don't go past the recommended dose.

Is it safe to go swimming in public pools at 38 weeks pregnant and lost the plug?

Safe?: YES Sanitary?: NO

Can you go to Oceans of Fun while pregnant?

I, personally, would not have gone to a water slide park when I was pregnant, especially if I was more than a couple months along. But, to be on the safe side, you could ask your ob-gyn and get his advice.

can a female dog in heat arouse a male dog while pregnant?

A female dog does not go into heat while pregnant.