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In some cases, the operation can be delayed until after childbirth, however complications may develop as a result of the gallbladder disease and urgent surgery is needed. There is no direct harm to the fetus, however there is certainly an increased chance of preterm labor. Any operation should be done after the first trimester. Hopefully I helped you out a bit Stacey After five months of what was thought to be "morning sickness", I wound up in the hospital with gall stones after collapsing one night on the bathroom floor. The stones were aggravating the wall and the docs feared pancreatitis as well. I had the laproscopic surgery done three days later at 20 weeks of pregnancy and all went well. The day of surgery was hardly a cake walk, but within 24 hours I felt completely normal again. Our beautiful daughter was born 4 months later with no complications. However, as her teeth started to emerge, it became apparent something was not right. Initial dental visits speculated some sort of antibiotic interaction. After another two pediatric dentists reviewed the case, it's generally believed that the antibiotics administered to me during and after surgery may have affected the baby teeth (she had never had a massive dose or continual doses of antibiotics for herself). She is now almost four years old and we're faced with oral surgery in two weeks to cap 8 molars and cosmetically cap the four front top teeth. She was born with approximately 1/3 of her tooth enamel. We won't know if there was any damage to her adult teeth until they come in, but it's likely they're fine.

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Q: Is it safe to have gallbladder surgery during pregnancy?
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