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my elf was in a frezer

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Q: Is it safe to put an Elf on the Shelf in a freezer to revive?
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What to do if shelf elf is touched?

They lose their magic when touched! The only way to revive your elf's magic is to place him/her in the freezer overnight. ***Caution: Don't touch the elf with your hands to put your elf in the freezer!*** Place your elf in the freezer using tongs or gloves and leave your elf in the freezer overnight. Bring him/her out the following morning--using tongs or gloves again--and place the elf back in the spot where he/she was touched. If you're lucky, you will revive your elf's magic, and your elf will be hiding somewhere in your house the following morning. ***Be careful not to touch him/her again. If he/she is touched too many times, your elf may become an ordinary doll!*** To be honest, I believe that you sprinkle cinnamon around it. The elf considers cinnamon, medicine. :)

How does the elf on the shelf get out of freezer plz answer?

It gets out by itself

What is the quickest way to bring a elf on the shelf back to life cinnamon or freezer?


Will the Elf on the Shelf get mad?

If you touch the elf he/she loses his magic. (Magic is to move) To heal a touched elf you get tongs or gloves and, put it in the freezer overnight.Then you put it back in the place it was touched. Don't touch it again or it might lose its magic.

When you put a elf on the shelf in the freezer can you put cinnamon bye it or no What is the higher chance of it coming back cinnamon or no cinnamon?

With cinnamon

What do you do if you touched the elf on the shelf?

well,your soppouse to but it in the freezer many people said it or sprinke cinonime by it befor you go to bed

My elf is not a Elf on the Shelf it has striped legs and striped arms what kind is it?

Elf on a Shelf is a popular holiday tradition. Other elves are just elves. Your elf may be an assistant to the Elf on a Shelf elf.

Can a child name an Elf on the Shelf?

yes you can rename your elf on the shelf

Why does the Elf on the Shelf make messes?

The elf on the shelf makes messes because it is a symbol that it is a bad elf

What is the best boy Elf on the Shelf?

The best Elf on The Shelf Boy name would be Jimmy. The best Elf there is would be Jimmy Shelf Elf.

Do elf on the shelf die?

No The Elf On The Shelf does not die. Elf's are a special creature. As soon as Santa brings that elf into his workshop, the elf gets it's magic. The Elf On The Shelf is one of those elves. He will never die in you life.

How do you get the elf on the shelf to talk?

no the elf on the shelf doesnt talk. if it did then that would give away its secret. all elves want to keep their secrets safe.