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Yes it is, you can go on water slides for up to 10 weeks in your pregnancy.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-18 20:54:04
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Q: Is it safe to ride a water slide at 7 weeks pregnant?
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Can you ride a water slide when 15 WEEKS pregnant?

I tell you the answer no. Those waterslides are not 100 percent garunteed safe. If your doctors tells don't be on your feet too much then please note that this applies to going on the slide as well. Nobody is going to ride with you or stand at the end to insure that you have safely went down all the time. So my answer is no.

Can you ride a high velocity ride if 14 weeks pregnant?

No, as an Expert in Thrill Rides if you are pregnant you can't ride any thrill rides while your pregnant.

Can you ride carnival rides at 8 weeks pregnant?

Unfortunately, no. :(

Is it ok to ride a carnival ride at 6 weeks pregnant?

Well on the signs, they say not to ride them if your pregnant.....but 6 weeks im not suremaybe you can????

What is the most scariest water slide?

Bouner ride

What song are these lyrics from Slide slide slide let it slide?

Are you thinking of Let it Ride by Bachman Turner Overdrive? Those lyrics are the same - Ride, ride, ride, let it ride.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle when your ten weeks pregnant?

it is safe to ride a motercical until you are 5 months gone but the is allways a risk on a motercicel even if your not pregnant my mother was riding a motercical when she was pregnant with my brother

Can you go on a tractor ride while pregnant?

I ride along with my boyfriend every weekend. I am almost 19 weeks now. No issues here!

How many steps will you have to climb at The Verruckt water slide in Kansas City?

You will have to climb 264 steps to ride The Verruckt slide.

Can you ride in a boat when you are 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes. You can go in a boat at any time during pregnancy

What do i do if my hamster fell and isn't moving?

Give it a ride down the porcelain water slide.

While pregnant can you horse ride?

You can ride a horse while pregnant. Humans can ride while pregnant also.

You are 4 weeks pregnant will it be safe to ride an ATV?

As long as you have no crampsit is perfectly safe, as far as the pregnancy goes anyway.

Can you ride a roller coaster at 10 weeks pregnant?

Riding a roller coaster at 10 weeks pregnant does not SEEM like it would be dangerous in my opinion, however I am not a doctor. Questions about the safety of activities where your unborn child are concerned should be directed to your doctor.

Can you go on a water slide while pregnant?

The choice is completely up to you if you want to, although some amusement parks and resorts employees will not allow you to go on the slide, another thing to consider is are you willing to risk your health and the well being of your child for a ride? If the answer is yes have fun!!! If not just wait till you have your beautiful baby and then go have fun!!!

Can you ride on roller coasters when you are 12 weeks pregnant?

I'm not sure I've never tried... maybe you could try and then tell me

Can you ride Six Flags rides at 4 months pregnant?

No, it is not recommended that you ride rides when pregnant.

Does slide have a long I sound?

Yes, The I in slide is a long I, to rhyme with hide, ride, and wide.

Is it safe to ride a roller coaster at 10 weeks pregnant?

It is best to wait after you have the baby. Bumping your tummy while on the roller coaster could harm the baby.

What actors and actresses appeared in Slide Guitar Ride - 2005?

The cast of Slide Guitar Ride - 2005 includes: Judah Bauer Bob Log III Alan Meyer

Is it safe to ride roller coasters when two weeks pregnant?

It is never ultimately safe to ride roller coasters, especially when you have another human being in your stomach. Relax for those 9 months and don't do anything that's even slightly risky.

Can I ride water rides at Disney world three months pregnant?

It depends on the ride. I'm going to say no, but see if you can find the official answer at Even if you do try to go on a ride you shouldn't be on, Disney has placed signs saying not to ride this ride if you have...(there is a list of health conditions.) THis goes for most rides at WDW.

Can you ride up a child slide with a dirt bike?

A dirt bike can be able to go up a kids slide

Is it Safe to go on center parcs rapids at 7 weeks pregnant?

no way that would be silly and could harm your baby!!! hope i helped :-) at 7 weeks not much harm could be done on a little ride like that but if more then 10 weeks and it gets dangerous

Should pregnant women not ride motorcycles?

It will not harm them one bit. Ride on.