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The following details answer the question wonderfully. To sum it up, yes, it is safe to swallow semen, if you know for sure it doesn't contain STDs.

1. Pregnant?
Semen and sperm go down into your stomach, where they are digested with all your other food. There is no passage connecting your stomach to your ovaries. You can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. If the donor has no STDs, it's perfectly safe. If you plan to have a baby with the man in question, it can also lower the chance of miscarriage. By having your body recognize the antigens in the man's semen you can reduce the possibility of an inappropriate immune response.

2. Fattening? Semen is full of protein, minerals (zinc Calcium), some fructose sugars and other nutrients. It has few calories, and is perfectly safe to swallow if it has no disease germs.

3. Your own? You can safely swallow your own semen. You can't catch a disease from yourself, only from other people. (Although you can spread your own germs to new, and perhaps more vulnerable, places on your body!)

4. Other people have diseases! You can catch gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia and genital warts from another person. All of these (except herpes and genital warts) can be cured with antibiotics, but it is annoying and inconvenient and unhealthy to get them.

HIV, the virus which can cause AIDS if untreated, is a far more serious thing. People die from AIDS. There is no cure, though daily medication for years can prevent it developing into anything dangerous. HIV virus is contained in body fluids, like semen, but it has to get into your blood through your bleeding gums or damaged teeth. If your mouth is strong and your gums are firm, then you can swallow the HIV virus without any trouble.

All these diseases (except HIV) are passed on through contact with sores or lesions, as well as in pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) and semen, so you may be exposed to them before your partner ejaculates. The safest thing to do with semen in your mouth is to swallow it. The enzymes and acids in your stomach will quickly destroy any viruses and bacteria. Or spit it out, and use a mouthwash to remove any lingering. Don't brush your teeth before or after oral sex. The brushing can cause slight bleeding of your gums leaving them open to infection from HIV.
  • Oral sex without a condom can pass on several diseases, if your partner is infected.
  • You will have already made contact with these diseases before you swallow the semen anyway, so the actual swallowing won't make much difference.
  • From a healthy man, it will absolutely not harm you in any way. It's 95% water anyway. In fact, if the man is healthy, there are far far fewer germs in semen (almost none, really) than there would be in his saliva, so swallowing semen is less likely to cause any problem than a deep tongue kiss where you get his saliva in your mouth....remember that next time you swap spit with your boyfriend.
  • Assuming it's with one person who is monogamous and tested to be free from STDs -- which can be transmitted by swallowing cum... -- I don't think it's possible to swallow too much cum.
  • Yes, by all means. Women and men can benefit from its nutritive and delicious properties.
  • Nothing harmful. You just have to digest some extra protein in your diet. You cannot get pregnant doing this. It will not poison or make you ill. If in doubt, consult your peers for more information from persons more experienced in this act.
  • Swallowing semen will not harm you, as long is the man is healthy.But is it a healthy relationship if you do it every day?
  • Agreed, as long as he is healthy (ie no STDs) it is fine. HOWEVER, swallowing semen is not necessarily a negative act; sexual norms vary from person to person. One person's turn-on is another's turn-off. Do what makes you feel happy and pleasurable! I would do just about anything for my spouse if it made her feel good, even if others thought it was nasty.
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