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I should think so. My friend just got her belly button pierced two weeks ago and we went swimming the other day. Ask yourself this: is it safe to go swimming right after getting your ears pierced?

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I would suggest it because you don't want to get it infected. Better to be safe than sorry

Wait at least 4 weeks to avoid infection

You can't swim with a healing navel piercing so it is best to go get it pierced when the weather cools down. Then you don't have to try not to swim, there just won't be the opportunity to.

You need to wait 4-6 weeks if done with a needle by a professional or up to three months if done with a mall gun.

Yes, it is safe to swim in the ocean with a belly button ring as long as it isnt infected or has just recently been pierced.

Yes be sure to wash the piercings once you are done.

Your shouldn't because it might kill the good bacteria that is there to help your nose heal. :)

No. You shouldn't swim for 2-3 months. Water is FILLED with bacteria and whatnot so its horrible for a new piercing. It'll cause infection pretty easily.

Yes, you can swim in chlorine, just make sure you clean it as soon as you get out with the cleaning solution the place you got it done should have given you.

Straight away as far as i know. I went swimming about 3-4 months after getting mine pierced but my friend went about 1 month after. I dont think it matters as long as you look after your piercing and clean it regularly!

I was able to swim the day after I got my ears pierced

You should wait until the 'wound' has completely healed with no oozing or bleeding and when the scab has fallen off. If you swim before this you may be putting yourself at risk of getting an infection which could mean you have to take you piercing out whilst it heals again and then it will close up altogether.

Yes. its just hard to stop from getting cloudy with algae.

Just as safe as it is ti swim in a lake with tadpoles

you can go just a few days after. The salt water actually heals the wound better than not going

If you could swim before you got your naval pierced then you will still be able to swim afterwards, unless it is so huge that its weight drags your to the bottom. If you have just had your naval pierced it is probably a good idea to avoid swimming until the piercing has completely healed, to avoid any risk of infection. Once it has healed swimming shouldn't be a problem.

well, i did the day i got mine pierced.

yes but it might hurt at first but it will be fine after

Yes, you can swim in a river if you have your belly button pierced. However, if it is a new piercing, the general advice is to wait at least a month before swimming as the wound needs time to heal.

2-3 months. You could wear a large waterproof bandage over it but it'll probably come off.

Yes it is safe, there is no issue why a girl woulnt be able to swim while on her period.All she will need to use is a tampon. And she is safe to swim when ever she pleases

One hour, just like eating and swimming. Seriously go have fun but be sure to wash the piercing out after your swim.

Yes it is. Thousands of people swim in it.

most algcides are safe to swim in about an hour but you should check the bottle to be safe. good luck

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