Is it safe to swim in salt water pools when pregnant?

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yes.also swimming is a good exercise during pregnancy.
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Can the 'boatmen' swimming pool bugs survive in a salt water pool?

Yes they can also live in the Ocean, But they cannot stay in a properly balanced pool for long. They seem to survive in salt water pools for their normal "season" refardless of water balance or condition. They do not appear to be harmful and can only be made to disappear with a chemical product tha ( Full Answer )

Can kidney transplant patients swim in salt water pools?

Answer . \nI answer this question as a kidney transplant patient myself. Swimming in salt water itself poses no risk to a kidney transplant patient. The phrase 'a salt water pool' may mean a swimming pool which uses salt to generate chlorine. This is not the same as swimming in salt water. A ( Full Answer )

What would cause you to be sick after swimming in a salt water pool?

Answer . If you accidently swallowed some of the salt water.. Unless the sanitary conditions were extremely poor you may not have gotten sick from the pool water. However, on the other hand if you had something to eat that dat that did not agree with you - this may be your answer.

Do you need to drain a swimming pool to change from a chlorine to a salt water pool?

It would probably be the smart thing to do because if you combine salt and chlorine, your pH level will be extremely low (very acidic) I have to correct the above answer:::: That answ. may be partially right in that changing the water would not hurt especially if it has been more than 5 years sin ( Full Answer )

Do you have to buy pool salt for your swimming pool or can you use water softening salt?

You can use either type of salt, but the salt for pools is better because it dissolves very quickly. 40 lbs bags cost around $6 at major home improvement chains.. It is highly recommended to use nothing but pool salt for chlorine generated pools.. YOU CAN NOT USE "EITHER" TYPE OF SALT!!! To save a ( Full Answer )

How is chlorine generated in salt water swimming pools?

chlorine is generated from salt by a process called electrolysis. The salt water passes through an electrically charged cell. this process physically separates the "sodium chloride" molecule, which produces chlorine.

Is green pool water safe for swimming?

NO NO A LITTLE BIT of algae isn't going to hurt you. If you ever swim in a lake, river or ocean, there's algae present there. You probably even carry the algae home on your swimsuit. But the pool needs to be treated as soon as you notice it, since a pool doesn't have the properties of moving natu ( Full Answer )

How do you control Algae in your salt water swimming pools?

The same as in any chlorine pool toss a bit of extra chlorine in for starters, if this does not help get some algaecide from your pool shop. Not be careful that you use the right kind of algaecide as metal based products don't necessarily agree with salt water chlorinators.

Is salt water swimming pool better than chlorine?

Please do your research on swimming pools with salt systems! A salt system is simply a chlorine generator. The only difference is that the chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is made fresh on site.

What is a free form salt water swimming pool?

The term "free form" with regard to pools is the shape of the pool. The pool has no straight edges or sides as in a rectangular or round pool. The pool coping has varying curves.

Is it safe to swim in cloudy pool water?

no its probably not safe to swim in cloudy pool water. reason number 1 is because you might not know how deep the pool water is and you could endanger yourself.

Is it safe to swim in foamy pool water?

The safety of a person swimming in foamy pool water is related tothe reason the water is foamy. Chemicals in the pool may not besafe when treating for a time period after added to the water. Itis best to ask a person who manages the pool, identify why foam ispresent, and read all chemical warnings.

Where can you find salt water pools that are used for competitive swimming?

There aren't any. Salt water is bad for swimming competitively because the salt in the water burns the swimmers skin after a while in the water and they because dehydrated and they become thirsty. But if you were to conduct a event where there was a need for a salt water pool then you could probably ( Full Answer )

Can you change a fresh water swimming pool to a salt water swimming pool and keep the same water pump?

No You can't. We have found that changing the water to a salt water chlorination system does affect your swimming pool pump and heater if you have one. Over time the "salt water" will affect the working components of the pump and will corrode. That especially applies to a heater system if one is att ( Full Answer )

How do you get your salt water pool ready for swimming?

Things to keep in mind when running a saltwater Chlorinator pool. The pool filter Has to run for long enough to produce the required amount of chlorine.. Conditioner or Cyanuric Acid Levels should be kept up to about 80ppm, Low conditioner levels will lead to a lot of the chlorine in the water bei ( Full Answer )

Is it safe for a dog to drink salt clorinated pool water?

well, when we go spend a whole day at the pool, we drink tons of that water without even noticing it, and nothing happens to us, so the chance of a dog getting sick of that are pretty low. But still, dnt let him get a habit of it, orr drink too much from it.

What is a salt water swimming pool?

A salt water pool has a chlorine generator on it that turns sodium chloride into chlorine gas. The water in the pool is not like the ocean, you can't taste the salt and it doesn't sting your eyes. The water isn't as harsh on clothing, eyes, skin and hair as chlorine is.

What is the best swim suit material for salt water pools?

polyester Usually, with zero chlorine and much salt per litre, It's best not to take your swimming gear as the salt can corrode them. The best outfit/suit matteriel would have to survive after being soaked in salt. Therefor the best suit to use in a salt water pool would be a birthday suit.

Is it safe for water to enter a swimming pool light?

It is not recommended with most swimming pool lights for the sake of the light However swimming pool lights work on low voltage. the power goes through a transformer cutting it down for the sake of safety so even if you end up with a short circuit in the light there is no danger to the swimmers. I ( Full Answer )

Does salt water from a swimming pools harm grass and plants?

I have worked around salt water pools for years and have never seen any particular problem with it. however if you were to use the backwash for gardening purposes you may end up wit a build up of salt in the soil. this would also depend upon how well drained the soil is and how much rain fall in the ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to swim with designer sunglasses will the salt water damage them?

It is probably fine if you rinse them soon afrer getting them wet.If you don't the salt might leave a scum on them. 02/06/2014 answer: salt water will ruin sunglasses/eyeglasses finish overtime& the tint/coating on the lens will wear off faster.... if you have to wear sunglasses in the wate ( Full Answer )

Is it bad for a puppy to swim in a salt water pool?

No the concentration of salt in a saltwater pool is about equal to the amount of salt found in tears so there is nothing to worry about. as a mater of fact it is probably good for it.

Is it safe to drain a salt water pool into the ground?

I don't see why not. However, most plants cannot tolerate high levels of salt, so you may wind up killing your lawn or other local vegetation. Additional answer: yes, it is safe to drain a salt water pool into the ground. Refer to posts on draining a pool in general before you attempt this. Th ( Full Answer )

What makes a swim suit fade in salt water pool?

It is most likely the chlorine in the pool that fades colours of textiles. Perhaps the amount of chlorine being produced by the saltwater chlorinator is too high. If this is the case adjusting it down will make the pool more comfortable to swim in as well. take a sample of water to a pool shop for t ( Full Answer )

Are children safer in a salt water swimming pool?

To stretch a point, they are slightly safer, yes- salt water has more buoyancy than fresh water, making "staying afloat" somewhat easier. That does NOT mean children can be unsupervised in a salt water pool.

Can you convert a salt water swimming pool to a chlorine water swimming pool?

First thing you need to understand is that a salt water pool is in fact a chlorine pool. The salt in the water (NaCl or sodium chloride) is essentially ripped apart by the electrical current in the pass thru on the pump assembly. A salt water system can sense how much chlorine is needed and strip ap ( Full Answer )

What makes alga grow in salt water swimming pools?

Algae reproduce by means of spores. The oceans are always releasing these spore into the air, and any exposed water is going to have spores fall into it, which can then grow into algae, as long as there is sunlight and some mineral content to provide the algae with the necessary ingredients for grow ( Full Answer )

Is pool water chemistry safe for swimming if the water is clear?

Not necessarily. If pool water has recently been shocked, the chlorine level may be too high to swim even if the water is clear. Shocking can result in 10 ppm or more of chlorine. The EPA deems up to 4 ppm as safe. Swimming occasionally in a highly chlorinated pool may not be an issue for adults. B ( Full Answer )

What are the pros and cons of a salt water swimming pool?

The pros are that a child learning how to swim and infants can float easier. Cons:infants and people with heart problems may get sick if salt is swallowed😄 Literally a 7 year old answered this at 7:39 PM, Sunday May 20, 2012

Is it safe to swim in a salt water pool after birth?

It's kind of hard to swim in one at any other time. Most mothers-to-be aren't willing to put up with the construction equipment required to install one in utero . Well soaking in a pool of salty water is alright because you will be sure its clean but and it helps heal the wound naturally if you h ( Full Answer )

Can you use salt water system with any swimming pool?

Yes and no. Most inground plaster, fiberglass, and vinyl pools are compatible BUT older pool equipment such as heaters with copper heat exchangers and some pool ladders and screws on skimmers and light niches might need to be upgraded to materials that won't readily corrode or be degraded. Newer poo ( Full Answer )