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Q: Is it safe to take fragile pills if you are a male?
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How do you safe from pregnancy?

If you are a male, use a condom. A female, Use a femidom. Or you can take pills to stop the pregnancy.

Im a male if you take birth control pills are you safe?

I don't think there are any contraceptive pills for males. A pill intended for females would have no effect for a male. No method is 100% safe, but a condom is fairly good. -------------------------------------------------------------------- O_o dude are you saying that you are a man that can get pregnant?

Can you take morphine pills after 2 years?

Is it safe to take morphine pills 2 years after expiration date?

Is it safe to take caffeine pills and methadone together?


Is it safe to take birth control pills after D and C?

Yes it is quiet safe.

Is it safe to use male enhancement pills at the age of 40?

Yes is has age limit that every men can take this male enhancement products. Absolutely this is not for children and not safe for them to take. Before you buy any interested male enhancement product, i would suggest to review the product first and check if the ingredients included in the product are safe for you because some of the ingredients in the product could might risk you health like if you have a very unique allergy.

What do you do with old precription pills?

Take them to any pharmacy - for safe disposal.

Which is safe pills or injection?

They are both safe but I would say pills because you can get diseases through injections but taking too many pills can be fatal, I would rather take pills but it's really up to you because you might be responsible enough to take the right amount of pills at the right time but you could have an injection if you wanted to.

Is it safe for you to take estrogen pills?

Of course! When i was having my baby i was prescibred to take Estrogen Pills, the hormone injection helped me alot. Sarah,

Is it ok to take midol pills with anti- diarrhea pills?

Yes, it is safe to take the 2 drugs together with no interactions. Sources: Medical Doctor

Can you take painkillers with diet pills?

its not safe, to many drugs in your system.

Which male enhancement pills can you take will on high blood pressure medicine?

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