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When I was about 16, I didn't ovulate or have my period for 8 months. We finally went to planned parenthood and they gave me those pills, and they worked(sigh). It was just a hormone thing w/ me, but I wasn't trying to get pregnant or anything. But they worked and have had no bad effects in 5 years. And I only had to take them once for ten days because it kicked my cycle into working again. !

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:44:34
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Q: Is it safe to take medication to make you ovulate?
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What can you take to ovulate?

Medication like this is on prescription only and the doctor will have to examine you first to find out why you don't ovulate before he does anything.

Is it safe to take Provera to start up your period and then take Clomid to help you ovulate to get pregnant?

Is it ok to take Ecstasy to make you horny and Viagra to make you hard? Probably not....

Is provillus safe to take with heart medication?

No, it is not safe to take with heart medication without consulting your doctor since it is a hair loss prevention medication it may react with your medications.

Is it safe to take disgrasil?

Yes, it if it prescribed to you by your primary care physician, it is completely safe to take Disgrasil. However, if the medication is not in your name, it is unsafe to take this medication.

Can you take cetirizine and paracetamol?

Cetirazine is an allergy medication and paracetamol is a pain medication and fever reducer. They are safe to take together.

Is it safe to take a combination of pain medication totaling 4000mg daily?

it is depending on what medication you are mixing.

How do you calculate your ovulation days?

You go to the doctor and have to fill out a chart over a period of a few months while you take tests to see when you ovulate. Only 12% of all women ovulate on the same days though so this is not a safe way to avoid pregnancy. An orgasm can also make you ovulate again.

Can you take the chantix along with the medication norco?

I want to quit smoking but I take the medication, Norco for pain from a spinal injury. Are they safe to take together?

What allergy medication is safe to take with Vyvanse?

Zyrtec is safe. DON'T take benedril, it COULD KILL you. Hope I helped

Is it safe to take herbalife while on medication?

Yes Herballife will not effect your medication unlike some other diets.

Is it safe to take Wellbutrin XL and Levoxyl a thyroid medication?


Is it safe to take midol complete while pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to use the above medication in pregnancy in recommended dosage. But you tend to avoid unnecessary medication in pregnancy.

Can you take diet pills with lamictal?

Is it safe to take any diet pills with seizure medication

Is this dangerous to take with Celexa medication?

Every medication is dangerous if you take high dose, abuse it, or allergic to it. In general, celexa is relatively safe at the recommended dose.

Is Nyquil still effective after the expiration date?

It is not safe to take expired medication.

Is it safe to take 30mg of Adderall and drink 2 glasses of wine daily?

No, any alcohol with this type of medication is bad, it will make you drunk quicker.

What weight loss pill is safe to take with Cymbalta?

Cymbalta is a prescription medication that treats depression and anxiety via a selective serotonin inhibitor mechanism. The only prescription weight loss medication that is safe to take with Cymbalta is Phentermine.

How long should you wait to take medication after drinking alcohol?

To be safe, I would give it about 4 hours or a good sleep before you take any form of medication.

Is it okay to take expired xanax?

No, discard expired medication as it is not safe nor effective.

Is it safe to take the Nioxin intensive therapy recharging complex pills if they expired 06 2008?

No It is never safe to take medication that has gone past its expiry date

Is it safe to take vitamins and minerals when taking the medication pantoloc?

you really should ask a doctor

Can I take ibuprofen while I take Tylenol Cold medication?

It is technically safe, however there is pain releiving medication in Tylenol Cold already. If the pain relief from Tylenol Cold is insufficient you could take ibuprofen with it.

Is it safe to take phenazopyrid whileyour pregnant?

ill recommend you that you call your doctor/obgyn, judt to make sure that the medication doesnt cause any harm to the baby.

What precaution must breastfeeding women take about oral medications?

Breastfeeding women need to make sure that any medication they take is also safe for the baby, since almost all drugs they take appear in the breastmilk.

Is there any medication you can take to make your head grow?

jerry Lewis was on medication that made his head grow