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Is it safe to take medication to make you ovulate?


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2015-07-17 17:44:34
2015-07-17 17:44:34

When I was about 16, I didn't ovulate or have my period for 8 months. We finally went to planned parenthood and they gave me those pills, and they worked(sigh). It was just a hormone thing w/ me, but I wasn't trying to get pregnant or anything. But they worked and have had no bad effects in 5 years. And I only had to take them once for ten days because it kicked my cycle into working again. !


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Medication like this is on prescription only and the doctor will have to examine you first to find out why you don't ovulate before he does anything.

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No, it is not safe to take with heart medication without consulting your doctor since it is a hair loss prevention medication it may react with your medications.

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Yes, it if it prescribed to you by your primary care physician, it is completely safe to take Disgrasil. However, if the medication is not in your name, it is unsafe to take this medication.

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Cetirazine is an allergy medication and paracetamol is a pain medication and fever reducer. They are safe to take together.

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