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Q: Is it safe to take paroxetine and amoxicillin together?
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Is it safe to take amoxicillin with hydroxychloroquine?

can i take amoxicillin with hydroxychloroquine

Can you take paroxetine and pristiq together?

can you take pristiq and paxil together

Can you mix penicillin with amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin actually IS a form of penicillin. Same/same.

Can you take temazepam and Benadryl together?

Amoxicillin and temazepam are safe to take together. There are no drug-drug interactions associated with the two drugs as well as no precautions that pertain to either condition that would cause someone to take either medication.

Is it safe to take amoxicillin if you have a cyst?


Can you take amoxicillin and roxycets together?


Paroxetine are you able to take doxepin with paroxetine?

yes you can take the two combined meds of doxepin and paroxetine. most ofter the 2 drugs are prescribed together for patients over the age of 60 for extreme cases of depression

Can you take amoxicillin and plavix together?

!can I take plavix and amoxicillin together

I am on amoxicillin can you still take your zopiclone?

Yes that's a safe combination

Can I take amoxicillin and lansoprazole together?


Can take amoxicillin and diclofenac together?

You can but you should be aware that sodium diclofenac can reduce the bioavailability and hence the effectiveness of amoxicillin

Can hydrocodone tramadol and paroxetine be taken together?

Paroxetine (Pazil) can be taken with medications containing hydrocodone. Ultram (tramadol) is a selective mu-agonist and will compete for binding sites with hydrocodone, so it's really best NOT to take them together.