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Yes, it is safe to travel by train during any trimester of pregnancy

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Q: Is it safe to travel during second trimester of pregnancy by train?
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Is it okay to travel during your first trimester?

It fine to travel in the first, second and third trimester.

Can you travel in your first trimester of pregnancy?

You can, however it is not usually recommended because of the increases risk of miscarriage during the first trimester. Travelling during the second trimester is more recommended because of the much lower risk of miscarriage.

Can you travel by car for tourism during pregnancy?

Ask yourself, can you normally travel by car whilst pregnant. You will find that you can, so why would travelling by car on holidays be any different? Travelling during the third trimester on an international flight would be problematic, however.

Is it safe to travel by air or train during pregnancy?

By air. Train is also considered as safe to travel during pregnancy.

Is it OK to travel by air when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

It would be inadvisable to travel as heavily pregnant as 34 weeks. The safest time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester (12 - 24 weeks). Any woman over 28 weeks pregnant must be carrying a note from a doctor or midwife explaining that the pregnancy is normal and that you are very healthy and fit to fly. It must also have your expected due date stated on it. If you are expecting twins and/or suffer from diabetes, it is inadvisable to travel at any stage of pregnancy.

Is it safe to take flight during pregnancy?

It is safe to take flight during pregnancy. To travel by plane is considered to be the safest way of travel.

Is it safe to travel during the last trimester of pregnancy?

You are encouraged not to travel after 8 months anywhere out of your city because you could go into labor and your Doctor wants you to be close so if you did go into labor she could be there. Your Doctor knows where you are in your pregnancy and whats going on. Another Doctor would have to call and try to get your records.

Is it okay to travel during the third trimester of pregnancy?

I have read over and over again that it's no longer safe to fly in an air plane after your 2nd trimester because of the air pressure. I am sure it is okay to travel in different forms as long as you are obeying all of the usual safety measures reccomended like wearing your seat belt and everything.

Is air travel safe when you have 8 weeks pregnancy?

At your present time in your pregnancy you should be fine in normal pressurised passenger aircraft. However go to the related link below (Air travel during pregnancy) for more detailed information on air travel during pregnancy.

Is it safe travel during 8 month of pregnancy?

depends on the pregnancy. every pregnancy is different. ask your doctors permission.

Can you travel in train and auto in 24th day of your pregnancy?

can you during the 24th day of pregnancy by train and auto

Can you travel by air during pregnancy?

Yes, You can travel.. depends upon your physical conditions and your comfort level.

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