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long answer short no

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Q: Is it safe to try to conceive if my husband has mono?
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Do one fourth of all couples who try to conceive discover that they are infertile?

The answer is one/sixth of all couples that try to conceive are infertile.

Why you have not conceive after trying for six months?

try haveing him where boxers

Can you try to conceive immediately after taking antibiotics?

Wait a few days.

What do you do after a miscarriage?

If you are planning on starting to try to conceive again, I recommend reading this article: Also talk to your doctor. You could try to conceive again or take time to grief and try again when ready.

Today I'm going to the gynecologist and I wanted to know what should I tell the doc if I want to get on clomid to try to conceive?

If you are wanting to use Clomid, just explain to the doctor your reasons and if it is safe the gynecologist will prescribe it to you.

Is it safe to try and conceive while husband is on the Fentanyl patch?

As far as concerns with Fentanyl transfer to a female during conception, it's a non-issue. The only real concerns are for nursing mothers using Fentanyl themselves, since Fentanyl is excreted in breast milk. No congenital defects have ever been reported by women who were using Fentanyl during pregnancy.

Is it okay to try to conceive if you're recovering from flu?

Yes. That wont make an impact.

What does Mathilde's husband do to try to make her happy?

He gets an invitation to a ball.

When should I try and conceive?

You would try to conceive in the five days around your ovulation. Keep in mind that you do have to space the "trying" so that sperm can mature. Buy a basal thermometer or one of those ovulation tests to figure out the best time.

Im ovulating today can i still try to conceive if my boyfriend has had lots of alcohol all weekend?

Well... Yes, you could try, but I would wait until your boyfriend hasn't had lots of alcohol, just to be on the safe-side, as if something goes wrong, you and him will feel extremely guilty. x

I would like to conceive next month April 2012. Should I replace the Patch tomorrow and do so for 3 week have my period then try to conceive OR not replace and try to conceive when i ovulate in April?

If you are referring to a nicotine patch, I'd recommend your first choice. Thus giving the body a chance to clear the nicotine before conception.

If you try to conceive about twenty days after your period will it work?

It depends on the length of your cycle and the timing of ovulation.

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