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Yes, it is safe to do so. The ideal solution is roughly 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 2/3 water, and a drop or two of dish soap.

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Q: Is it safe to use alcohol and water to clean granite?
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Will using rubbing alcohol to clean your aluminium MacBook Pro damage it?

Isopropyl alcohol is safe for aluminium.

What are the best products to clean granite counter-tops?

the best cleaning solutions in my opinion are Granite gold and any kind of stone or marble cleaner safe for granite. another trick i learned is 2 cups water and 1/4 cup dishsoap mixed in a spray bottle works very wells also

Is it safe to clean a tow infection with hot salt water?

Yes. It is safe to clean an infected toe with hot salt water.

Which has the least impact on the environment?

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What's a safe chemical to clean granite with?

You can buy a cleaner like MB-5 Daily Spray Cleaner that is made for granite. It is hard to get all the soap off if you use soap.

Can you use rubbing alcohol in your bath water?

is it safe to take a bath in rubbing alcohol.

How do you mix 99.5 percent isopropyl alcohol with distilled water to be sure that's save for LCD screen cleaning?

Isopropyl alcohol is safe to use to clean your LCD screen or laptop monitor. The alcohol should be mixed with distilled water in order to use it for cleaning your screen.

Is it alcohol to water or water to alcohol upon mixing?

Either way is safe, provided you are getting the correct proprtion or mixture required.

Is method daily granite safe for wood?

Safe on any surface water alone won't harm; simply shake, spray, wipe, and buff

Is the water safe to drink?

sometimes water may be clean after boiling but not all

What is the best way to clean toenail clippers?

There are a few ways to clean toenail clippers. Soap and water is the most basic. Vinegar is a good, safe cleaning agent that will not damage or rust the clippers. Disinfecting alcohol always helps, though.

Why do you clean water?

So its safe to drink and there's no toxic