Is it safe to use melamine ware?

Melamine ware has been with us a long time. It is stable and inert, and it is safe to use as long as it isn't overheated, as in a microwave or on a stove. It should never be used in the oven. Melamine breaks down under heating. The resin decomposes and can (does) pose a health risk if ingested. If it isn't "baked" into significant color change, no problem. The "scare" with melamine is based on the use of melamine powder as a protein source in food additives. What a bad choice! It makes stuff "look" as if it has more food value to chemical tests for content, and, because product was analyzed in this way, it sneaked into the food chain - pet food in particular. (Actually, it technically didn't sneak into the food chain. It was blown by inspection processes. Big difference.) It is poorly and incompletely digested. And it is toxic in more than trace amounts. It should not be included for any reason in anything that is destined to be eaten - by critters with four legs or critters with two. Soap box time. As agribusiness and food production conglomerates search for profits and supply chains become more complex, we leave ourselves open to this kind of (serious) nonsense. And government oversight is thin. Couple that with the ancient mandates on the books regulating food product standards and we could be said to have been asking for it as regards the melamine incidents. Thanks for the kind attention. There are melamine pieces that have been "in the family" for decades, and some are treasured more than the family silver. As they should be. They are also completely safe to use when not heated to significant discoloration. Kudos to the chemists who ideated melamine. A slap on the wrist to someone who carelessly overheats it. And all shame on the food fools that decided it was a good thing to put in anything consumable.