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Yes, June 23, 1917. Babe Ruth pitched zero innings and Ernie Shore came in and got the combined no hitter. (Weird huh) Boston beat Washington 4-0.

it was even weirder than that. Ruth walked the first batter and was ejected for arguing about it. Ernie Shore came on in relief, picked the runner off first, and retired the next 26 guys in a row. But he doesn't get credit for a perfect game because a runner reached base, even though he didn't allow it.

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Does a baseball pitcher earn the win if he is ejected?

If he has pitched at least 5 innings, he can qualify for the win.

Can pitcher pitch behind batter on purpose?

he would get fined or ejected

Is it legal to switch pitchers during an at bat?

Yes, there is no restriction on changing pitchers during an at bat, unless the current pitcher just entered the game and the batter is the first batter he faces. The pitcher must face at least one batter before he can be replaced, unless the pitcher is injured, or ejected from the game.

What is ip in baseball?

The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher. The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher.

What does the IP stand for in softball?

IP stands for Innings Pitched. It is a pitching statistics that records the amount of innings the pitcher pitched. It can be divided into thirds by the outs that were recorded while the pitcher was still on the mound. For example: Its the 5th inning and there are 2 outs. The pitcher needs to be taken out of the game and is replaced with another pitcher. The number of innings pitched for this game would be 4 2/3. The relief pitcher would then pitch 2 1/3. This would add up to the complete 7 inning game.

If a relief pitcher starts 1 inning but is replaced by another pitcher before any outs are recorded. How is that scored for the picher considering he recorded no outs.?

For example, if a pitcher comes in to start the seventh inning, gives up two base hits and is replaced without recording an out, the box score will show he pitched 0 innings. At the bottom of the box score it will have a statement "<name of pitcher> pitched to two batters in the seventh inning'. Sometimes you hear broadcasters refer to it as 'plus'. Say the starter is replaced after giving up a base hit in the seventh inning but before recording any outs. You might hear the broadcaster say "<name of pitcher> went six plus innings today".

How many warm up pitches does a relief pitcher get for coming into a game to replace an ejected pitcher?

As many as he needs. If a pitcher replaces another pitcher whom the manager just pulled, then the incoming pitcher gets a maximum of 8 pitches.

Can a baseball pitcher be subistuted or replaced while pitching to a hitter?

yes they can be replaced at any time

Last pitcher that pitched to Barry Bonds?

greg maddox

Who came in as a relief pitcher for the cubs in their eighth game of the 1964 season?

Glen Hobbie replaced starter Bob Buhl in the second and pitched 2 1/3 innings, Wayne Schurr pitched the fifth inning, and Lee Gregory pitched the sixth, seventh, and eighth. The Cubs were blown out in Philadelphia that day (April 24) 10-0.

Has anybody played for both the Kansas City Athletics and Kansas City Royals baseball teams?

Pitcher Ken Sanders played with the Athletics in 1964 and 1966 and pitched three games for the Royals in 1976. Pitcher Aurelio Monteagudo pitched for the Athletics between 1963-1966 and pitched for the Royals in 1970. Pitcher Moe Drabowski pitched with the Athletics between 1962-1965 and pitched for the Royals 1969-1970. Pitcher Dave Wickersham pitched with the Athletics between 1960-1963 and pitched for the Royals in 1969.There may be others but these four were all I could find using the Athletics roster from 1965-1967 and the Royals roster from 1969-1971.

Who has the most perfect games pitched?

Alex Bragan, the storied pitcher, pitched a record 14 perfect games in his career.

Who pitched Honus Wagner his 3000 hit?

Pitcher - Erskine Mayer

Who was the pitcher that pitched a perfect game on Father's Day?

Jim Bunning

What pitcher holds the record for most seasons pitched?

Nolan Ryan

Who was ejected from his first major league baseball game besides Kyle Weiland?

One was pitcher John Lannan of the Washington Nationals. Lannan made his MLB debut on July 26, 2007 as the Nationals starting pitcher against the Philadelphia Phillies. He was ejected in the 5th inning after hitting Chase Utley and Ryan Howard on consecutive pitches.

Can you get ejected in mlb the show 11?

If you're a pitcher, just hit a couple of batters in a row and then you'll eventually either get ejected. Other than that, it just happens at random. My little cousin wanted to play so he was just pressing random buttons and Jon Lester got ejected for hitting like 5 players in a row.

Who was the Boston Red Sox pitcher that pitched a no hitter after fighting cancer?

John Lester pitched the no hitter on May 19th, 2008

What pitcher played the most seasons?

Nolan Ryan has the longest career for a pitcher in MLB history, having pitched 27 seasons.

Is the word pitcher off of the baseball pitchers a verb?

Pitcher is noun.Pitch is a verb. Forms are - pitch / pitches / pitched / pitching

Who was the fastest MLB pitcher ever?

Joel Zumaya pitched at 104 mph.

What pitcher lead the cubs in inningins pitched in 2007?

Carlos Zambrano with 216.1

What pitcher pitched to both babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson?

satchel paige

How many times has a met pitcher pitched a 1 hitter?

32 2012

Which New York Yankees pitcher pitched the most innings in the 1978 World Series?

Jim 'Catfish' Hunter with 13 innings pitched.