The largest city in Massachusetts which was founded in 1630 and chartered in 1822

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How did Britain's blockade of the Boston harbor affect the trade in Boston?

𝗛𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗖𝗮𝘂𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝗰𝗸𝗮𝗱𝗲 𝗢𝗳 𝗕𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗻 𝗛𝗮𝗿𝗯𝗼𝗿

Let's start with what the blockade of the Boston Harbor is. The blockade of Boston Harbor is a law made by the parliament. The blockade of the Boston Harbor is one of The Coercive (Intolerable) Acts. The Coercive Acts was mainly caused by the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party is when 30 - 130 colonists dressed up as Indians and protested the tea taxes from the Townshend Acts. The colonists dumped 46 tons into the water. All because this happened the parliament put a Coercive Act.


Britain's blockade of the Boston Harbor affected the trade in Boston by isolating shipments from the Boston Harbor. Boston was now only relying on merchant trades to not perish. Merchant trades can not be fully relied on therefore it hurt Boston greatly.

Boston Massacre

When did Boston proclaim March 17 Evacuation Day?

In 1776 early in the American Revolution British forces evacuated Boston, Massachusetts, after George Washington placed artillery overlooking the city. It has been a legal holiday in Suffolk County since 1941. Although it is a holiday in Suffolk County only (according to the 1941 ruling), all state employees get the day off with pay! Even those who live and/or work at the other end of Massachusetts.

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Who was the tcby strangler?

Maybe you are confusing this person for the BTK strangler. His name is Dennis Lynn Rader who got Life imprisonment.

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Boston is the capital city of what state?

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.


Are there any Pittsburgh friendly bars in Boston?

Yes and no. In general, Boston is a friendly town with many bars and restaurants, large numbers of tourists and large numbers of students. People from Pittsburgh are more than welcome to visit, and many do. But if a Boston team is in a rivalry with a Pittsburgh team, then Boston pride takes over, and a Pittsburgh fan might find himself (or herself) teased or joked about. Somehow, I think the same thing would occur if a Boston fan visited Pittsburgh during a sports rivalry.


How far is Lowell MA from Boston?

Lowell is about 22 miles from Boston. Traveling at 50mph it will take you about 32 minutes to get there, traveling at 60mph it will take about 26 minutes, and at 70mph it will take 23 minutes.

Colonial America

When was Boston founded and by whom?

Boston was officially founded in 1630, although settlements took root there in the early 1620s. 1625 Rev. William Blackstone (Blaxton) same person. 1630 John Winthop and Salem puritans. A monument in Boston Common commemorates the founding. It is located on the north side of the common, along Beacon (and Spruce) Street. Incidentally, a fishing weir was found in on Newbury st. carbon dated to 6,000 years ago.


What was the H W Huguley company?

This company was a brewery and distillery, known for its whiskey, which came in beautiful amber bottles; some collectors consider them antiques, although they are not necessarily of great value. The company operated in Massachusetts (with a Boston address) from about the mid 1830s (some sources say the mid 1850s) till 1916. The company was founded by Harrison W. Huguley.

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How long is a flight from Boston to barbados?

It would take about 5 hours.

Notorious Murderers and Serial Killers

What Boston Strangler victim was from Beckley WV?

The first thing is that DeSalvo was never proved to be the Boston Strangler:

On 27th October, 1964, he entered a young woman's home posing as a detective. He tied his victim to the victim's bed, proceeded to sexually assault her, and suddenly left, saying "I'm sorry" as he went. The woman's description to the police led to his identification as Albert De Salvo, with the publication of his photo resulting in women coming forward in droves identifying him as the man who had assaulted them. At this point, De Salvo was not suspected of being involved with the spate of stranglings that had taken place over a period of nearly two years, and wasn't until he was being held on a rape charge that he confessed in great detail his activities as the Boston Strangler.

However, there was no evidence to substantiate his confession, and as such, stood trial for earlier, unrelated crimes of robbery and sexual offences. He was sent to prison for life in 1967, but was to be murdered six years later while in his cell.

The second thing there is no victim from Beckley:

1.Mrs. Anna E. Slesers

77 Gainsborough St.

Boston-Age 55

2.Mrs. Nina G. Nichols

1940 Commonwealth Ave.

Brighton-Age 68

3.Miss Helen E. Blake

73 Newhall St.

Lynn-Age 65

4.Mrs Margaret Davis

139 Blue Hill Ave.

Roxbury-Age 60

5.Mrs. Ida Irga

7 Grove St.

Boston-Age 75

6.Miss Jane Sullivan

435 Columbia Rd.

Dorchester-Age 67

7.Miss Sophie Clark

315 Huntington Ave.

Boston-Age 21

8.Miss Patricia Bissette

515 Park Dr.

Boston-Age 24

9.Mrs. Evelyn Corbin

224 Lafayette St.

Salem-Age 50

10.Miss Joan Graff

Essex St.

Lawrence-Age 23

11.Miss Mary Sullivan

44 Charles St.

Boston-Age 20

Boston Red Sox
Colonial America

How and why was Boston founded?

Boston was founded by wayward Puritans, who - for whatever resons - sought to get away from Plymouth. The Reverend William Blackstone was the first to settle there, building a house on what is now Beacon Hill - one of three hills that made up the Boston area - in 1624. Blackstone is also considered to be the first Christian to settle in Rhode Island. Keep in mind that this was a much thinner piece of land, as much of modern Boston lies on recently-placed landfill. Puritan settlers of the Massacusetts Bay Colony, who were on the less receptive Mishawum(Charlestown) Peninsula, eventually crossed the river and joined Blackstone's growing settlement. This was the basis of Modern Boston.

Beacon Hill was originally three hills(thus the word Tremont), two of which were leveled for real estate purposes by industrious men. One was used to fill in "the Back Bay," and the other was leveled to fill in what is now known as Charles Street at the foot of Beacon Hill, preventing the Crarles River from further encroachment. More importantly, the fill was also used to level the "West End" area and provide a stable footing for the North Station - where textiles from the City of Lowell could finally reach Boston by train. Mr. Lowell bbbuilt his first textile mill on the Charles River in the city of Waltham, but soon found more water power was needed. Investors bought a vast amount of land at the confluence of the Merrimack and Nashua Rivers, designed and built their city of canals, mills, bridges and the City was named after Lowell shortly after his passing. The Middlesex Canal had been dug from Boston to Lowell before the advent of trains, with horses pulling barges. Extremely inefficient and costly, this was used for perhaps a decade before the demolition of Trimount - leaving only Beacon Hill.

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Where can a teenager find local job listings?

Seeking employment? America's Job Bank. Has sites for employers and job seekers. About 1.5 million job listings. User can develop an on line career account with resume, etc. Links to latest job trends, employer profiles and online training and information resources. Free. America's Career InfoNet. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, America's Career InfoNet contains information about the General Job Outlook, Wages and Trends, Employer Search, State Profile and Career Exploration. Also has a Resource Library. Job Corps. Job Corps is the nation's largest residential education and training program for disadvantaged youth. It is a full-time, year-round residential program that offers a comprehensive array of training, education and supportive services, including supervised dormitory housing, meals, medical care and counseling.

Local job listing resources: Directory of newspapers in classified section:

Job listings by states -

Options, resources, opportunities for teens

Job listing by states -

Job hunting for teens -

from other contributors:

== == * Try checking your local newspaper for help wanted. You can also ask at school. The main jobs for 14 to 16 year old are baggers, waitresses, odd jobs. You might work as a dishwasher in a restaurant, babysitter, McDonald's, etc. You may need a work permit. == == * You can try the want ads in your local newspaper or online. However, you might have the most luck hitting the pavement and going around to local businesses. Finding something in easy walking distance of home or school is a big plus. Dress well, plan to spend a few hours at it, and walk around politely asking if businesses are hiring and if you can fill out an application. You might try grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, retail shops, etc == == * I am thirteen, and i found a job at a corner store that pays enough for me. about 400 dollars a month. i also have another refereeing at a local sports club. you can get heaps of cash for it to!!!


In what state is the city of Boston?

Boston is in Massachusetts

Society and Civilization

Where can you find information on Charles Cullis and late 19th Century Protestant social welfare?

I did some work on Charles Cullis for my own dissertation. You might find the material useful. It is contained in my book E.W. Kenyon and the Postbellum Pursuit of Peace, Power and Plenty, Scarecrow Press, 1997. In particular, I believe that he is the founder of the modern bible college movement. Many folks give credit for this to A.B. Simpson, but Simpson was simply following Cullis' model.


What are two famous battlefields outside boston?

lexington and concord

Colonial America

Why was Ole' Deluder Satan Act passed in Massachusetts?

== This act, known today as the Ole' Deluder Satan Act, established the first town school system in America, a system that recognized the importance of the Bible in a civilized society. Ref. America Land I Love, 1994, A Beka Books, page 35 == The Ole' Deluder Act was passed in Massachusetts in the mid 17th century because the Puritans were deeply religious and believed in the very real presence of evil/Satan. They believed if they read and studied the Scriptures enough they could resist evil and Satan's temptations. This Act was the first Education Act in America to make sure all townships with 50 or more households provided a school to teach children to read and write. Learning to read was a necessity in order to thwart the Ole' Deluder (Satan).

Boston Red Sox
Boston Massacre

Did Boston have a name prior to being called Boston?

Originally, Boston was named Tremontaine (three mountains). This was in reference to the three large hills found on the Shawmut Peninsula. It's a good thing the name didn't stick because today only one of the three hills remains (Beacon). The other two were removed to supply fill material for Back Bay.

Boston was named after Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Back then many of the town's prominent citizens had emigrated from the English village.

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How long for mail to be delivered from NJ to Ma?

It depends on how you send it. Generally, mail from a major city in New Jersey will arrive in Massachusetts in two days. If it's a rural location, it may take three days. But if you send it via Express Mail, you are guaranteed that it will arrive the next day.

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How long is the in air flight time from Boston to Cancun Mexico?

The flight time is approximately 3 hours, 27 minutes.

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How did Boston's First Night celebration get started?


Boston was the first city in the United States to celebrate First Night. It came into existence in 1976 to bring the neighboring communities of the city together in a joint celebration, while providing the public with an alternative way of ushering in the New Year. The commitment of a group of private citizens to these goals marked the beginning of a new tradition: The First Night Celebration. Since 1980, this concept has inspired many communities from Tampa to Honolulu, to start their own First Night Celebrations.

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What is the distance from Chicago to Boston?

The distance is straight path from one place to another place. There might be slight difference between the actual distance and the above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.The distance between the above mentioned places is 986.32 miles approximately.

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Did Jimmy's Harborside move from the waterfrontin Boston?

Yes, Jimmy's Harborside is definitely no longer on Long Wharf in Boston. We walked by there and the doors were boarded up.

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How many snow storm this season in Boston MA?

It really varies: it is a truism that Boston's weather is very changeable. Some years, Boston has hardly any snow. Some years, Boston gets several large storms and not much more than that. And some years, it snows a lot, such as in the Blizzard of 1978. In 2012, Boston had several winter months of unseasonably warm weather and hardly any snow at all -- for example, in December of that year, there was only 3" of snow the entire month. In January 2013, there was even less-- 1", and several days when temperatures soared to 60 degrees, leaving ski lodges wondering if they would do any business at all. But that all changed in February 2013, when there were several big storms that left a total of 34", more than making up for the previous lows.

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Where can you get Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi tea, also called holy basil tea, is not widely available in the United States. You can mail-order loose-leaf tulsi from a few tea and herb companies. lists a number of different sources of buying Tulsi.

In mainstream stores, the most widely available brand is Organic India. This brand sells tulsi both loose and in tea bags, and also includes flavored tulsi and various blends. It has become more available in recent years, and is available in many health food and natural food stores. Other than that brand, your best bet is to buy online.

Boston Red Sox
Boston Massacre

What or who is Boston named after?

Historians have debated this, but generally, it is believed Boston was named after the town of Boston in Lincolnshire, England; it is located about 100 miles north of London. Some people have also said that Boston was actually a shortened version of St. Botolph's Town, which is the original name of the town in England.

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