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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and home to more than a million people. Dublin is situated at the mouth of the River Liffey.

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What is the flight time between Dublin and Sardinia?

There are no direct flights from Dublin to Sardinia. So the journey takes more than one flight. The flying time would be about 3 hours, but there could be a time between the flights which makes the total journey time longer. So it will depend on what combination of flights you get. You would easily make the full journey on the same day. ...
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What county is Dublin 2 in Ireland?

Dublin 2 is in the centre of the city, and is therefore part of the county of Dublin. ...
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Is there a pier in Dublin?

There are lots of piers in Dublin.
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How does one find job vacancies at the national museum dublin?

This is the jobs website for the museum: ...
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How do i get from dublin to tipperary by bus or rail?

there is no direct rail service from Dublin to Tipperary town. Buses travel from the central bus station in Dublin (called Busaras) see for details ...
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How did temple bar dublin get its name?

It was named after William Temple who owned houses and land in that area in the 17th century. His garden ran down to the river banks of the Liffey from where there was a walk-way known as a bar which built up from river sediment. This became known as Temple's bar. It is from that that the modern name originates. ...
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How many miles from Nenagh to Dublin?

150 kilometres across M & N7 (EAST).
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How long is a flight from London Heathrow Airport to Dublin Ireland?

Typically between 50 minutes - 1 hour 15 minutes.
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Was dublin named after the blackpooldubh linn?

Dubh Linn, are the Irish words for Black Pool. A settlement where Dublin now is, was close to a black pool on the river Liffey, the river that Dublin is now built on. It is from that that the modern name Dublin originates. ...
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What is the real story behind the Dublin Doors?

George Moore lived next to Oliver St John Gogarty in Ely Place off Stephens white. Both were famous writers and both rather eccentric. All the doors of Ely Place were then painted white. Moore painted his door green so that the drunken Gogarty would not come knocking on it, thinking it to be his own door. Gogarty then painted his door red so that the drunken Moore would not come knocking on his door! So started the fashion." There is also a...
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What is the proper meal to celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional Irish and Irish-American fare on St. Patrick's Day. Many will also tell you that beer has to be a part of that as well. ...
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How long does it take to fly from gatwick to gran canaria?

JOSE (GC...hola a todos desde Praga) It takes 4-4.30 hrs depending on route/airline! ...
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What is the postal code for booterstown avenue blackrock co dublin?

There is no postal code for that address, just write the persons name etc followed by the above. ...
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What languages are spoken in Dublin Ireland?

Dublin is a city with people from many nations living in it, so it would be difficult to say how many languages are spoken in Dublin. English would be the main language. Many other languages such as European languages, African languages and Asian languages, would be found spoken in Dublin. English If you travel north of Dublin you will start hearing Irish Gaelic. English is the main language spoken in Dublin and Ireland. Dublin is an international city, so there are many languages spoken by...
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What is the flight time between dublin and majorca?

The fligt time is 2 hours 30 minutes..
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What is the driving distance from Dublin to Cashel?

100 MILES 161 km According to our friends at Google maps
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Is it cheaper to rent a car in London to travel to Dublin or to fly?

It is cheaper to fly from London to Dublin than to rent a car in London and drive (and catch a ferry across the Irish sea) to Dublin. If you shop around you can get some very good value air fairs from London to Dublin. ...
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How long is Flight duration between Dublin and Munich?

2hr 25min Dublin (DUB) to Munich (MUC) by a nonstop flight operated by Aer Lingus. ...
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How long does it take to fly from Dublin to Warsaw?

Dublin (DUB) to Warsaw (WAW) Shortest Flight Duration 2 hours 45 mins
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How far from Dublin Ireland to Newgrange Ireland?

About 50 kilometres or 30 miles.