North Pole

The northern end of the earth's axis of rotation, a point in the Arctic Ocean.

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North Pole
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What do road crews use at the North Pole?

Road crews up at the North Pole have it tough. They have to use snow cones.

North Pole

How much of the North Pole has gone?

about 30% in the last 2 years

North Pole
South Pole

What direction are you facing when you stand facing the south pole?

If you are facing the south pole, you are facing south. As soon as you step on the south pole itself, all directions are north, no matter where you face.

North Pole

Who invented magnetic north and south pole?

The idea that the Earth itself acts as a giant magnet was first proposed in 1600 by the English physician and natural philosopher, William Gilbert. He was also the first to define the North Magnetic Pole as the point where the Earth's magnetic field points vertically downwards. This is the definition used nowadays, though it would be several hundred years before the nature of the Earth's magnetic field was understood properly.

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North Pole

What kind of sun rays hit the north and south pole?

Electromagnetic waves hit both the north ans south poles. These are the same rays that hit the rest of the Earth. The difference is in the angle at which they hit. They are more oblique than at the equator, and so they get spread over a bigger area and so heating is less intense.

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North Pole
Arctic Ocean

Is the Arctic Ocean closest to the north pole?

As the North Pole can be found on the Arctic Ocean ice sheet which floats on the Arctic Ocean, I would say yes.

Oceans and Seas
North Pole

Is the North Pole frozen sea?

A frozen Ocean, to reach the imaginary point known as the North Pole you would have to travel over the ice sheet of the Arctic Ocean.

North Pole

Where is north Tibet?

North Tibet is locatedin central Asia

North Pole
South Pole
Latitude and Longitude

What degree mark is the North Pole located at?

90 degrees North.

North Pole
Meteorology and Weather

Why are the poles always cold?

Because for 6 months of the year they are in darkness and when it is daylight the sunlight only impinges on the ground at a very oblique angle. In other words they do not receive as much sun energy (heat) as the equatorial regions.

North Pole
Latitude and Longitude

What are the imaginary circles on the Earth that run through the north and south poles?

There are no such circles.

You're getting at the "meridians of longitude", but each of those is a semi-circle,

with its ends at the poles. It takes two meridians of longitude, exactly opposite

each other, to make a circle.

North Pole
Santa Claus

Where does Santa Claus live?

There is no proof of exactly where he is and some think he lives in a magical place in the hearts and minds of all children who believe. Others have other opinions that are not yet fully confirmed. WikiAnswers contributors have given the following information:

  • Santa Claus lives in Finland near the Arctic Circle. His house is about 8 kilometers north of Rovaniemi in Lapland. His address is:

    Joulumaantie 1

    96930 Arctic Circle Finland

  • In North America it is said that Santa lives on the North Pole. However, I doubt that, because he most likely would have been spotted there by at least one of the many expeditions to the spot.
  • Besides Finland, there are other suggested locations, such as: Norway (a place called Drobak), Sweden (Mora) and Denmark that all claim to have a place where Santa Claus lives. My first choice would be Finland, of course (they've done some good marketing for the idea), but the second would be Denmark (they claim the subject lives in Greenland, which is quite remote and cold and scarcely inhabited, so he might have a summer house there or something like this).
  • I know he lives in the Arctic Circle, but people say he lives in the North Pole in Lapland, but Lapland is not in the North Pole, it's in the North of Norway, Sweden and Finland. He doesn't live in the North Pole, he lives in the Arctic Circle.
  • Santa Claus is generally believed to live at the North Pole. We are afraid that we cannot tell you exactly where, as Santa made us promise to keep it top secret.
  • We can verify that there is a US Post Office in Santa Claus, Indiana that does receive enormous amounts of letters addressed to Santa Claus. However, they will not release the information about to where they deliver the letters, even when investigators attempt to force them to provide that information under the Freedom of Information Act. Lawyers are working on this even as this is being written, but the issue is still under legal discussion and, therefore, there is a Santa information gag order that WikiAnswers is required to observe.
North Pole
Earth Sciences

Why do the poles experience six months day and six months night?

because the earth is tilted towards the poles,so in summers the north pole will have continuous daylight for 6 months and south pole will have night for 6 months.Then in winters it will be reversed i.e. north pole will have night for the other 6 months and south pole will have continuous day light for 6 months.

this proves that the poles experience day for 6 months and other 6 months they experience night.

North Pole

What is the altitude of the north point?

Sea Level.

North Pole

What winds blow south from the north pole curve to and why?

Everywhere is south from the north pole. Due to the rotation of the earth the majority of the winds follow the weather from west to east. The further south from the north pole, many other factors come into play that have a direct impact on the direction of the winds due to changes in the earth's profile, the flora, the variation of the surface temperatures, etc..

North Pole
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How are the north and south pole alike and different?

They are the same because each are extremely cold,and dry climates.It is different because the North Pole is surrounded by water, and the South Pole is land.

North Pole

What do you call the north pole?

No, its the Arctic.

North Pole
South Pole
Latitude and Longitude

What latitude is opposite of 30 degree north latitude?

its 30 degrees because the earths eqautor represents o degrees so you just subtract 30-30

North Pole
Latitude and Longitude

Is the south pole 90 degrees longitude?

No. It's 90° South latitude.

North Pole

What is the degrees of declination during a Winter Solstice?

About 23.5 degrees in the opposite hemisphere from where you are. If you are in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice happens when the Sun is at 23.5 degrees south, on about December 21.

North Pole
South Pole

Which has more land under it North Pole or the South Pole?

The North Pole is in the Arctic Ocean and the closest land is Greenland. However, a huge area of the Arctic Ocean around the pole is permanently covered by thick sea ice, which extends southward into Canada and Russia in the winter.

By contrast, the Earth's South Pole is situated on land (or rather on an ice cap which is covering land), near the middle of the continent of Antarctica.
You can find the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean. The South Pole is found on the continent of Antarctica.

North Pole
Santa Claus

Does Santa really exist at the North Pole?

Santa does not actually exist at the North Pole. Santa is a fictional character that is used by parents to make the Christmas holiday fun and exciting for their children and to encourage them to behave. Instead of just giving their kids presents, they tell them that there is a magical man that travels across the whole world in one night delivering presents to all the good children in the world.

North Pole

Which 2 countries are closest to the south pole?

Chile and Argentina.

North Pole
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What has 12 humps and lives at the north pole?

Six lost camels

North Pole

Can you list the elf jobs at the north pole?

Elves make presents (mostly toys) and wrap them for Santa to deliver.


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