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Is it true that Guitar Hero will not work on the PS3?

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yes it is unless u get a gh version for ps3

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Does a PS3 Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero world tour PS3?


Will Guitar Hero 1 ps2 work on PS3. If yes will Guitar Hero 1 work with the same guitar as the PS3 guitar for Guitar Hero 3?

Yes and Yes.

Will rock band guitar work on Guitar Hero on ps3?

No but in Guitar Hero 5 it will work

Will ps3 Guitar Hero guitar work on xbox360?


Does the guitar controller for Guitar Hero 3 PS3 work on any version of Guitar Hero PS3?

Yes, it works for all the Guitar heroes that came after Guitar Hero 3

Can Guitar Hero iii Les Paul wireless guitar for sony ps3 play in all the Guitar Hero?

It should work for any Guitar Hero game for the PS3.

Does Guitar Hero 3 guitar for ps2 work on Guitar Hero 3 for PS3?

if you have the 60gb model of the PS3 which includes backwards compatability then yes it should work

Will the ps3 Guitar Hero 5 guitar work on the ps2?

Yes, with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and newer.

Will Guitar Hero 3 controller work with Guitar Hero 5 on ps3?

Yes, it should.

Does the rock band guitar work for guitar hero metallica on PS3?


Does a Guitar Hero guitar work on computers?

Yes it works if you have a PS3 or XBOX360 guitar.

Will a PS3 Rock Band 1 guitar work for Guitar Hero 3 also on PS3?


Will Guitar Hero ps2 games work with the Guitar Hero 5 guitar on ps3?

It depends, if you are playing this on an early PS3 (20 or 60gb) which still contains the PS2 backwards compatibility, it might work. Otherwise it won't work on your PS3 and last I checked you can't use PS3 guitar hero controllers on a PS2, even though it has USB ports.

Will Guitar Hero world tour instruments work with Guitar Hero 5 game for PS3?


Can any Guitar Hero controller be used with any Guitar Hero game?

Matters which console you have. Becuase a PS3 controller would not work with a 360 or a wii but a PS2 Guitar hero controller will work in a PS3 (im pretty sure)

Can the PS3 guitar hero world tour drums and guitar work on the ps2?

Yes, they can

Does PS3 guitar hero 3 controller work on PS3 rock band 2?


How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar with Guitar Hero 2 on your PS3?

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Do guitar hero drums work with rock band 2 for PS3?


Will a rock band 1 guitar for ps2 work with guitar hero world tour for ps3?

If Your Question Is "Will Rock Band Guitar Work With Guitar Hero The Answer Would Be No,Because Their Diferent Games And It Isnt Made By The Same Company, But What You Asked Was "Will a Rock Band 1 Guitar For PS2 Work With Guitar Hero World Tour For PS3" And Its Simuilar To The Answer Above But Its A PS2 Gitaur And A PS3 Game So The Answer Would Be No In Both Ways.

Does guitar hero rocks the 80s work on PS3?

If your PS3 is backwards compatible (ie. the 80GB or 60GB version) it will work.

Does the Guitar Hero guitar work for beatles rock band?

Only for xbox 360 are all guitars and instruments compatible with guitar hero and rockbands it doesn't work with PS3 or Wii.

What is the difference between the ps2 Guitar Hero and the ps3 Guitar Hero?

On the PS3 Guitar Hero it has better graphics and it has online play whereas the PS2 doesn't.

Will a Guitar Hero 3 ps3 controller work with the PC version of Guitar Hero 3?

u cannot use the gh3 guitar for ps2 for the PC

Can a PS3 Guitar Hero rocket kit fit on a ps2 Guitar Hero guitar?