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Mikey Way got married on March 8th to Alicia Simmons and is taking a temporary break from the band.

Mikey took a temporary break from the band to spend some time with his new wife Alicia Simmons, although he has now returned, during the Projekt Revolution tour and will resume his normal place in the band after Matt Cortez covered for him.

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Q: Is it true that Mikey Way is going to leave the band My Chemical Romance?
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Is it true that frank iero is going to leave my chemical romance for his band leathermouth?

no hes not.....

Did Frank Iero leave My Chemical Romance?


Was mikey way really about to leave my chemical romance?

I don't think he was going to leave Mikey got married to his wife Alicia Simmons and took a break from the band to spend more time with her He also was absent during the Black Parade tour for a short period of time due to depression but is now fine and full time in the band :) I doubt he will be leaving the band at all now

Did bob leave your chemical romance?

yes, yes he did v_v

Why did Matt Pelissier leave My Chemical Romance?

He didn't leave, he got fired, because the band members, Gerard, Mikey and Ray, caught that he was doing a bad job at performing, so they kicked him out and replaced him with Bob Bryar, who was then the sound manager of The Used.

When did Matt leave my chemical romance?

2004 I'm not sure of the exact date

Why did bob bryar leave the band?

My Chemical Romance has not stated the reason why Bob Bryar left.

Why did Matt leave your chemical romance?

The answer is uncertain. My Chemical Romance has never released that information. But what is known is that Matt was fired. Partly because of difficulty with playing live, such as he refused to play with the click tracks.

Why did Matt Patterson leave My Chemical Romance?

My Chemical Romance have never really said why Matt Pelissier left the band, but many people believe it was because he didn't get on well with Ray Toro (lead guitarist), and that he wasn't "professional" enough to play live shows.

Is mikey teutul going to leave the show?

No, well only for a while till he gets back in his Daddy's back pocket I think He's worry about the will so hell be back

Why did Bob Bryar leave My Chemical Romance?

Many believes it has to do with his recent (very serious) wrist injury. It has affected his playing. There official reason released, as of yet.

Why did Bob leave My Chemical Romance?

No one other than the band itself knows for sure. Its been speculated that it was due to his wrist injury, but nothing official has been released.

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