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No. It's a little more complex than a simple "no." Sperm can live for about a week if they have the nourishment they find when they are inside a man or a woman. Air does not kill sperm, but without the moist, warm environment of the body, sperm usually die anywhere from 30 minutes to as much as four hours. Interestingly enough, they have recently shown that sperm that has been air dried and then rehydrated four weeks later could actually fertilize an egg. The bottom line is that if one is trying to prevent pregnancy and is participating in sexual activity that involves ejaculation outside of the body, good handwashing needs to be practiced. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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Q: Is it true that air will kill all sperm?
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Does air kill sperm?

Party in the USA-Miley Cyrus look it up she has all the answers. :)

Does the chlorine in the pool kill the sperm?

Yes. Chlorine kills all bugs including sperm. Hello. Chlorine in a swimming pool will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly or condoms will kill sperm. Sperm dies naturally a few hours after coming into contact with air. Sperm can live for up to 5 days inside a womans body. Yes, it will. But, if he comes directly inside you it won't kill them before they can get to the safe area inside your uterus. If he comes into the water instead you are safe though.

Does urination kill sperm?

Urine does kill sperm, but once the sperm has entered the vagina, it's unlikely to kill all, or even most of it. In fact, our bodies produce chemicals specifically intended to neutralize the acid in urine to protect the sperm.

Do air bubol in spurm is harmful?

Air bubbles in sperm aren't harmful at all. The presence of air bubbles in sperm may indicate that the sperm mixed with air on the way out of the penis, or mixed with air shortly after.

What solution can instantly kill sperm?

to kill sperm for a male is to wear tight jeans all the time it cuts off the cycrelation so the sperm cant get to were it has to be and it cuts it off

Is it true a male is born with all the sperm he can get?

no, sperm isn't produced until puberty

Will wearing panties after sex kill sperm?

no !!! There's no way to kill sperm. Your body will naturally kill the sperm since it's an outside item, but there's so many sperm that your body immune system can't kill all of them. And you can still get pregnant if somebody cums on your panties too.

Can sperm come from mouth to make a girl pregnant after kising?

No, the saliva would kill all of the sperm.

Does drpepper kill your sperm off?

No it does not. If you mean will it kill sperm of if you immerse sperm in it then the correct answer is yes. If you mean will it kill all the sperm that may have been ejaculated into me by forcing it into my vagina, then the answer is Most probably not enough to stop you from becoming pregnant if you are at the right time during your menstrual cycle.

Is it true there needs to be lots of sperm to get pregnant?

NO! that's not true. all you need is one tiny itsy bitsy sperm to fertilize your egg and you are pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant from the sperm which are inside the condom?

the sperm inside the condom cannot impregnate you. However if there is a hole or split in the condom the sperm that escapes can. Although condoms are coated in spermicide it will not kill all of the sperm.

How does a female body tries to prevent sperm?

There are acids present in the vagina which kill the sperm when they enter. Not all sperm are killed but a large number are reduced to prevent them from potentially reaching the egg.

Can a woman kill her husband's sperm?

Birth control foam does it all the time. If you're asking if the woman can provide an "inhospitable" environment to the husband's sperm, yes.

Is it possible to kill all of the sperm inside the testicles?

yes. when you kick someone there hard enough, or the temperature is too warm or cold, it can cause the sperm to die.

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Is it true sperm cleans teeth?

Yes it is true because my friend Wes says so. my friend wes is very smart and knows much about sperm in the mouth. all of his girlfriends have very white teeth and i mean come on.. we all know how that happened.

Does one blunt with marijuana seeds kill all sperm cells?

No. It is proven that marijuana decrease sperm count, but it is a very light decrease, over long periods of time.

Do they have hose less portable air conditioners?

No all true air conditioner's expel hot air which has to be ducted.

How long can sperm live in a condom?

If you're using a condom with a spermicidal lubricant, it kills some of the sperm but not 100%. If you're using a condom without spermicidal lubricant, then the sperm will live until the semen dries. This also depends on room temp and humidity. Bottom line guys: After you have sex, take the condom off and throw it away yourself. Don't trust her to do it for you or you might get a big surpise down the road. Once your partner takes it off and the air hits they are dead or if you use a spermicidal condom they die immediately. it doesn't once exposed to air it dies so it's no longer alive a condom has air pockets so wants the sperm comes out and the air hits it it dies .. (srry this is not my answer but im writing to the person who answered it ... first of all if a condom had air pockets theres no point in wearing one... if there were airpockets sperm can excape the condom ... nice try. and that's not always true because if so ... how to they to sperm donations ... sperm can live when the air hits it. until it drys it could still be alive.. if you don't know the answer don't write in on here and scare people.!! ) sperm does no live lond once air gets to it it is no longer acctive *********** In reality, sperm has a short life span outside of the body. Yes a spermacide will kill some of the sperm but it does not die when air hits it. Sperm can survive outside of the body for 10-15 minutes

Can sperm on fingers put in your vagina quickly can sperm find the way in the egg?

Most likely Hi just comenting on your answer it may not because of all the germs on your hands. germs KILL sperm. so my conclusion is not likely If the sperm was WET then there is a very low chance. If the sperm was DRY then the sperm were dead and thus NO chance of pregnancy.

Can the birth control pill kill sperm?

No. Birth control pills work by altering the estrogen, and progesterone hormones in women. Essentially, it tricks her body into thinking she's already pregnant, so she will stop ovulating. The only thing that kills sperm is spermicide and even that doesn't kill them ALL and isn't 100% effective. The copper IUD affect sperm mobility to keep sperm from reaching the egg.

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Do lubrications and saliva kill sperm?

Some lubes are also spermicidal, but not all. Anyhow it's not enough for them to function as contraceptives.

If someone ejaculates in a bath tub and then a while later a girl fills the tub with really hot water and has a bath for 5 minutes what are the chances of her being pregnant?

sperm does not die when it hits water. this is a myth.. sperm swims. this is what it does best, if it were that easy contraception would be really easy. exposure does not kill the sperm either. if this were true ivf and sperm donations would not be possible. however if all the semen is thoroughly washed away and not just sitting in the tub it is very unlikely.

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