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The common misconception is that celery contains "negative calories." All foods contain calories. The way you must look at it is how many calories does one stalk of celery contain, versus how many calories it takes to digest it. According to the nutrition data website, one 8 inch celery stalk contain about 6 calories. Many people believe you actually burn that off when chewing. Though celery does take a rather conscious effort to chew, chewing burns about the same amount as watching the grass grow. The calorie loss is going to be during the digestion of the celery.

Celery is actually loaded with latent energy, but the plant's composition only allows us to metabolize a small amount. The latent energy is packed tightly in the form of cellulose; a complex sugar which humans are unable to metabolize. It's not that the celery is difficult to digest, but rather it provides fewer calories than what is needed to digest it--so the overall effect is "negative calories."

Keep in mind, the amount of calories you lose is very minimal. This is not the miracle diet food. The amount of calories lost will probably be no more than 10-12 calories a day. The good thing is celery can quickly satiate your hunger, preventing you from eating other high-calorie foods.

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Q: Is it true that celery has negative calories?
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How many calories in 1 ounce of celery?

There are actually negative calories in one ounce, as celery has no calories.

Do a stalk of celery fewer calories than a candy bar?

yes. celery has negative calories

Which vegatable has negative calories?

There's no such thing as negative calories. However, I once read somewhere, that celery has so few calories, and chewing it is such hard work, that you can actually burn more calories eating it (if you eat it raw) than it has in it, so in that sense, eating celery would result in a net negative caloric intake.

How many calories does it take to digest an orange?

Not enough to cancel out the calories of the orange. There are no "negative calorie" foods, with the exception of celery.

What nutritional brake down is best for weight loss?

well im no expert but i would have to say that you should eat celery because it has negative calories which means it burns more calories to eat celery than how many calories celery has in itself.I hope this helps a bit.

How many calories in 3 sticks of celery?

Calories in 3 sticks of celeryIt depends on the size of the celery sticks. For example, there are:Approximately 6 calories in 3 small stalks of celery (about 5" each)Approximately 18 calories in 3 medium stalks (about 7" to 8" each)Approximately 27 calories in 3 large stalks of celery (11" to 12 " each).For the calories in other vegetables, and a vegetable calorie chart, which you may use as a daily guide, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What vegetable causes you to lose calories?

A common belief has it that celery is so difficult for humans to digest, it's as if it has negative calories (human digestion burns more calories than can be extracted).

Does celery have negative calories?

No. It is impossible for a food to contain negative calories, or anything for that matter, however it does require more energy to digest celery than the celery provides, which led to it being called a negative calorie food.Most people that dispute this say it would only take 1 calorie per hour to chew it up, ignoring the rest of the digestive process which is where most energy is consumed.

What doesn't contain calories?

Pure water has no calories, and raw celery, although it has calories, effectively has negative calories, because the work done chewing it uses up more calories than it yields as food. Of course, if you like to dip your celery in sour cream sauce or add any other rich condiments to it, the jig is up.

What takes more calories to eat than it contains?

celery ! celery ! celery !

Is drinking celery juice everyday bad for health?

I can't see why it would be bad, but try varying your habits.... It is possible, since celery actually has negative calories, which means that your body uses up more energy to digest celery, than it can actually get out of the celery.

How many calories are in celery?

One 7" long stalk of raw celery contains about 6 calories.