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Well this is probably true since drugs make most people unfit to work and hold a job. Thus these desperate drug addicts will turn to violence to get the money they need to purchase their daily dose. That's why crime and drugs go together. It actually really depends on which drug you are using. Marijuana is known to chill people down and make them rather peaceful or unmotivated. Drugs with a higher addiction potential can easily be associated with violence though.

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Q: Is it true that drugs lead to violence?
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What is the sociological aspects of domestic violence?

Domestic violence can lead to broken homes, children are also affected emotionally. Victims of such turn to drugs which in turn affect the rate of criminality.

Why is Romeo and Juliet a tragedy?

It ends in violence and death and both lead characters die by their own hand- that, my friend, is tragedy. They did Drugs, one of them stabbed herself- but was already on drugs.

What are the different causes that can lead a person to becoming violent with another?

violence is violent Drugs can get you angry and so can alcahol. Marijuana in particular...

How are drugs or alcohol and violence related?

alcohol plays a role in many crimes.:D!!!! Drugs and alcohol cause the brain to lose some of it's perceptive and problem solving ability, because alcohol is a poison and all drugs contain some kind of poison. Losing the ability to solve problems, people may become confused or angry, and this may lead to shouting and violence. Drugs are also fought over quite a bit, therefore drugs are causing the violence.

Can the use of marijuana lead to harder drugs?

it can, due to a personal choice. but it isn't scientifically true.

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Who is affected by gang violence and drugs?

Drugs and violence are very serious matters. I am not trying to be a do gooder and say neither should happen, but when drugs and violence happen on a large scale, for example throughout a city this can lead to many problems. Firstly, for children on drugs or that suffer from violence their education may be affected and thus lives be worse up later on and may continue to use drugs and even become violent. A larger strain on public services such as the police as they have to fight the crime and lock away the drug dealers. However, if drugs didn't happen all economies around the world may be affected. One person's wages are another, and so if you take away the drug dealer you are limiting hundreds of other people that relied on his wage for theirs. As you can see many people are affected by drugs and violence and this is just a taster as to who is and why/how. Hope it helped :)

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It can lead to someone taking other drugs. It has happened.

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no, the urban violence today is so much more.

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The War against Drugs.

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Depends on the misdemeanor. Domestic violence or drugs- no.

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There is a growing rate of kids that take drugs in the modern day. This is often linked to poverty or violence.

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