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Q: Is it true that god was made by his own creation theory?
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What is the third thing that God made?

The light (Genesis 1:1-3).See also:Is there evidence for Creation?Can you show that God exists?Seeing God's wisdom

What was the second thing God made?

In the first biblical creation account (Genesis 1:1-2:4a), the first thing that God made was light, then the second thing was the firmament that separated the waters above from the waters below. The firmament was conceived as a dome into which the sun, moon and stars would be placed. We now know that the firmament does not really exist, so the second thing that God made, after separating the pre-existing dry land from the waters, would then have to be grass and then the herbs and fruit trees (1:11)The second biblical creation account (Genesis 2:4a and following) is more primitive, but Adam was the first creation, made from the dirt. God made him into a living soul. The second creation seems to be the garden he planted.For more information, please visit:

How old are the pillars of creation?

The idea of the "pillars of creation" are as old as God. The actual implementation is not.

What is De creation?

De-creation is when sin triumphs over evil. Genesis is like a 3 act play: Creation------God creates (and everything is good) De-creation--Sin destroyes Re-creation--God saves In de-creation, sin triumphs over evil and that is the cause of the shortening life spans.

What happened on the eighth day of creation?

well in all actuallity there were tchnically on 6 days of creation and a day of resting. so there was no eighth day of creation. When does day end, when does it begin, where does the night end, day begin.

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How do you think is the Darvin's theory about creating of the people is true or wrong?

I think that this theory is true only for some people. For Christian people, this theory are wrong, because they believe that people is God's creation.

What do you call the theory that God created the world but no longer has any relationship to His creation?

A:The theory that God (or a god) created the world but no longer has any relationship to his creation is called Deism.

Which creation theory claims that God created things in stages over an extended period?

This creation theory is known as Creationism. The theory states that God created the world in stages instead of all at once.

Which creation theory has two separate instances of creative activity by God?

Gap theory

Who made the skyway?

God Of Creation

How was creation made?

According to Abrahamic tradition, the universe was created by God. See also:Is there evidence for CreationCan you show that God exists

Resolved That man made by god.?

This ongoing debate between religion (God created man) and science (theory of evolution) about "creation" has never been resolved as God, himself, can neither be proven nor dis-proven. Also, the theory of evolution has also yet to be proven.

Who are you to God?

You are special, you are His creation, you are beautifully made.

Did god make human beings stewards of creation?

Yes, God made humans stewards, or caretakers of the creation.

When did the creation theory originate?

The belief in Creation is as old as humanity. It is a worldwide tradition (not theory) going back to the earliest evidence of human society. See also:Is there evidence for Creation?Can you show that God exists?Seeing God's wisdom

How were the dwarf planets made?

by science stuff

What are the release dates for Creation Today - 2011 Who Made God 1-20?

Creation Today - 2011 Who Made God 1-20 was released on: USA: 2011