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Q: Is it true that soil cannot retain heat?
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True or false The ability of water to retain heat helps cells maintain homeostasis?

True. The ability of water to retain heat helps cells maintain homeostasis. Water is the most abundant and important nutrient in the body.

Is it true that you cannot see infrared light but you feel it as heat?

Yes. It is true. Truer words are seldom either written or spoken.

Is it true that infrared radiation cannot be seen but it can be felt as heat?

Yes, that is true. About half of the sun's energy comes to the Earth as infrared radiation.

Does water or soil lose heat faster?

Soil will lose heat faster than water. This depends on the specific heat of the two substances you are comparing. Specific heat of a substance is the amount of energy required to raise its temperature by 1 degree celsius. It also describes the amount of energy the substance would have to lose to change the temperature by one degree. The specific heat of water is unusually high (1 calorie/gram of water). The specific heat of granite, which is similar to the specific heat of soil minerals, is only 0.19 calorie/gram of granite). Dry soil will lose heat more slowly than wet soil.

Is it true that fertile soil lacks nutrients?

NO ,it is not true...fertile soil contain nutrients

Protecting soil from erosion and pollution is called soil conservation true or false?


Is clay soil a soil with large particles?

it is true

Many plants cannot grow in sandy soil Why is this true?

It is important to know about plants and what each plant has to have in order to live. Many plants cannot live in sandy soil, because there usually is not enough water nor enough nutrients in that type of soil.

What metals do heat?

No it cannot. It will just metal or cook us alive.

Is it true that roots of most plants cannot reach very far into soil?

No, plant roots can reach very deep into the soil - some trees have been known to have roots over 170 feet long.

Is type c soil the least stable soil?


Is it true that soil is slower in areas that are dry?

soil is most fertile soil is when it is wet, and hot.