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Q: Is it true that the states were forced to pay taxes to the national government?
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What could the states do that the national government could not do?

The powers included the authority to set taxes and enforce national laws.

What is a shared responsibility of the national and the states government?

collecting taxes.. (good luck on study island cheaters!)

How are national government services paid for?


What level of government is responsible for taxes?

they shouldn't have taxes anyway

Is the national government collecting state taxes?


What amendment addresses the power balance between the national government and states?

The Tenth Amendment addresses the power balance between the national government and states by stating that any powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved for the states or the people.

Which level of government collects taxes national state or local?

both state and national government. (congruent powers)

What department has the responsibility for managingthe money the national government brings in through taxes?

here in Philippines BIR has the responsibility to collect taxes that can bring a money or funds for the national government

What Amendment addressed the power balance between the national government and states?

The tenth amendment gives power to the states that is not expressly given to the federal government. The federal government reserves the right to collect taxes, declare war, and regulate interstate commerce.

Why is coining money a delegated power of the national government?

Okay, first of all, it isn't even a delegated power. It's a concurrent power; meaning both the states and the national government can collect taxes. I guess it's because we need money in order to function as a country, so taxes are collected.

What is the general term for all taxes paid to the national government in the US?

federal taxes. ---PLATO

The national government gets most of the money it needs from?