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Yes, Ted DiBiase brought out a fake Undertaker, but the real Undertaker showed up and booted him out of the WWF forever.


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Yes. When the Undertaker disappeared, Ted DiBiase brought out a fake Undertaker, but the real Undertaker returned and disposed of the fake one.

I love undertaker Undertaker and Kane are brothers in real life.But,they are only half brothers. (p.s."I love undertake ISN'T a answer)

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the storyline is fake none of the "undertaker killed his parents and left his brother Kane for dead" is true Kane and undertaker are considered storyline brothers just like edge and christian, and the major brothers. they are not related in real life but are friends

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The undertaker is very much alive and is wrestling in the WWE. The propaganda as dead man and being reborn etc are storylines to promote the wrestler and does not signify the true nature of the individual. He is like us all - a normal human being.

Kane is the young borther of Undertaker. And that is true.

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Undertaker, Kane, and Lita are NOT related. If you think they are, it's probably from a storyline that the WWE went with. I know years ago Kane and Undertaker were brothers. But in real life, none are related to each other whatsoever. So, there is no secret because it's not true.

undertaker is not dead there just preteding to make a little bit of drama it's not true

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there was a link stating undertaker's phone number listing is this true?

undertaker aka mark calaway is a true gentleman.cena sometimes treats people like **** and sometimes good

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it is true who found him was Kane bu the guilty was Kane! ill tell u how everything happened at summerslam Kane was wrestling with rey mysterio then undertaker appeared an almost killed rey mysterio he took his mask and looked him in the eyes andasked why did he attacked him he said: NO! no! it wasnt me i swear taker said he believed him and then attacked Kane but Kane was stronger

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