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Q: Is it true that women who stay at home do not work?
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How did the position of women change between 1870 and 1914?

During these periods women gained privileges in the work force because during WWI b/c of the lack of men for the work force women had to work and gained a place in society. This was not a true lasting effect but it helped progress their causes.

During the 1920s women were more likely to?

The women in the 1920's still had very few civil rights. They had gained the right to vote and some had begun to work in the new telephone system as operators, others in offices, some as teachers. There were no women in Congress or political office. Getting into college was also hard for women and becoming a doctor or lawyer was virtually impossible. The majority of women were homemakers and mothers.

What extent did the American Revolution represent a radical change for women?

Although the American Revolution did little for women politically, women proved their worth on the home front. They demonstrated that they could be as involved -- and as useful -- as men, even if not fighting.

What is the difference between 19th century women and 21st century women?

In the 19th century, most women did not work at jobs outside the home, pursue an education, or have an active social life outside of their home. Women were primarily known as wives and mothers. Women of the 21st century balance a work and family life, while pursuing a higher education. Many women of the 21st century hold high-ranking positions in major companies, while others become doctors or lawyers. They can participate in elections and run for public office.

When did Five Women Go Back to Work end?

Five Women Go Back to Work ended on 2009-02-09.

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Is Women who stay at home do not work?

they do work by cleaning the house.

Is this true or false did women only work at home and thay never worked in the fields?

Women would work at home and rarely work on fields

Do the men or the woman work in Liberia?

Yes, the men work in factories and the women stay at home with the kids

Which is true of Willa Cathers historical context?

Women were expected to work in the home.

Why weren't Victorian mothers allowed to work?

Victorian women did not have the right to work or vote. They were expected to stay home with the children. Men did not think women were able to work.

What is Gender traditional?

Women stay at home, have the kids,cook,clean. Men go to work and bring home the bacon.

What is traditional gender roles?

Women stay at home, have the kids,cook,clean. Men go to work and bring home the bacon.

Is slippery potential towards women characterized the storytrojan war?

The women were seen as weak and were meant to stay at home and work as a house wife.

What were women expected to do?

Stay at home and work in the household, bear and raise children, supervise slaves, and occasionally get out to attend women's religious festivals.

What is commonly known as one of the best work at home jobs?

The best work at home is subjective. There are many women who are stay at home moms and consider that to be the best job. Some people only consider a job something you get paid for. If you own your own business doing what you love and get to stay home, that can be considered the best work at home job.

Why are there so many woman out of the kitchen in America?

There are many women that work outside the home because it is necessary for both parents to work. A women does not have to stay in the kitchen and keep house as they did in earlier times.

Do women do most of the work at home?

It depends on your views, religion and theories on the roles of women in society. The traditional views of women is that women stay at home, look after children and do the majority of house work. However, this would also include not going to school or taking part in many manual labour activities. This would suggest that women do most of the work at home. The more modern take on women's roles would be to have equal rights to men Women have the same opportunities within education, jobs etc. Men can even stay at home and not work while women work, which would then suggest the man does most of the work at home. These views entirely depend on the people, era and in some cases religion/beliefs of the role of women. Some people still have strong views on what is right and wrong for women to do, but depending on circumstance, everyone is different. I know it's a little vague, but i :)