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Q: Is it true the wavelength of light is very long and the frequency is very short?
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Is Long wavelength visible light have a speed that is slower than short wavelength light?

No. The speed of light is the same for long wave and short wave light. c=fw where w is the wavelength and f is the frequency. The speed c is a constant. The frequency is different for different wavelengths. High frequency for short waves and low frequency for long waves.

The wavelength of light is very long and the frequency is very short true or false?


What is the relationship of color of light and frequency?

Each colour of visible light has a different frequency. Red has the lowest frequency, meaning it has a long wavelength. Purple has the highest frequency and has a very short wavelength. The order is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. I hope this helps you!

How are the frequency and the wavelength of a light wave related?

(Wavelength) x (frequency) = (wave speed) Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Note: This is true for any traveling wave, not only electromagnetic ones.

Which wavelength carries more energy short or long?

Short wavelength wave carry not energy (in proportion to their frequency.)

Does ROY G. BIV list colors from long wavelength to short wavelength or short to long wavelength?

The color of visible light with the longest wavelength is red; the color with the shortest is violet. So "ROY G. BIV" lists the colors from long to short wavelength. Just to confuse you, we'll also mention that it lists them from lowest to highest frequency.

How does the wavelength of light compare to frequency of light?

Ultraviolet light occurs just above the range of electromagnetc radiation that is detectable by the human eye and has a shorter wavelength than violet. This means it has a higher frequency since all light waves are presumed to travell at the same speed, whether visible to us or not. To explain this in simple terms, if two trains are travelling at the same speed, and one has short cars and the other has long cars, the one with the short cars will pass by us more cars per minute than the one with the long cars. This is called frequency...the number of times something happens in a given time frame.

What affects light with short wavelength more than light with long wavelength?

Scattering of light

Light ray is straight line what is its frequency?

A light ray is a straight line with speed c=fw. The speed c is a constant and the product of the wavelength, w and the frequency f. The frequency is f=c/w, inverse to the wavelength. If the wavelength is long the frequency is low; if the wavelength is small the frequency is high.

Does short-wavelength light carry more energy or less energy than long-wavelength light?

The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, and the higher the energy, so X-rays carry more energy than radio waves.

Are the wavelengths of high frequency sounds short or long?

Shorter the wavelength higher the frequency so naturally high frequency soundwaves are short

Red light is low energy and has long wavelengths?

Violet light has a short wavelength, high frequency, and high energy. Red light has a much higher wavelength than violet light.