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Yes. Very wrong. Illegal in most states. No offense to anyone, but a 16 year old girl is a child. A 20 year old male is an adult. Older men generally go for younger girls because they are more gullible than most grown women.

It might seem fun & exciting now, but he might only want one thing off of you. I don't think I even need to say what exactly. He won't take you to meet his parents or friends and if he does he'll have you lie about your age. Then he'll turn 21 and it'll be all over. He definitely won't be waiting for your big 21 to start the partying and excuse making.

No. I don't think it is wrong. It only depends on what type of person the guy or the girl is really. I personally don't think that age matters at all just as long as he or she isn't old enough to be your mom or dad. My cousin which will be 16 next month is with a 22 year old and they re going to be getting married in 2 months and me myself I am 16 and with a 21 year old and we are engaged. And i am sorry but whoever doesn't like the fact that you are in love with a someone who is older than you anywhere from your age to aleast 8 years older than you can get over it because you live for you to make yourself happy and NO ONE else!!! I am happy my cousin is very happy and they have been together for almost 4 years and he is by far the best man she'll ever have and me and my boyfriend have been together for going on 3 years now. So it all comes down to how they treat you in the end. Just as long as they don't treat you bad and they are overly great to you then hell knock youself OUT!!!

I definitley don't think this is wrong. im 17 and im dating a 21 year old although my fam does not really approve but i have met his family. we are madly in love and nothing is gonna change thaat. i think being in a relationship with an older guy all depends on the girls maturity level mentally.


Hm... Tricky question. For sure it's illegal for him to "touch" you. If he gets caught, he will be labeled a sex offender. I think it's okay to date him, but you should be careful. If it seems he is only using you for sex and stuff, you shouldn't date him. If he seems genuinely nice, give it chance. My dad is like 11 years older than my mom, so maybe I'm just more open minded....When you're older, say 20, he'll be 24 so that isn't really wrong. What some people find wrong is that you are a minor and he is an adult. People don't look in the perspective that when you get older (and if the relationship lasts) , he'll only be 4 years older than you.

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Q: Is it wrong for a 16-year-old girl to date a 20-year-old?
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