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If you don't love him or her you don't feel anything.

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Q: Is it wrong to kiss and not feel anything?
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What does it mean when she asks if you felt anything during the kiss?

She asking if you felt sparks flying or if you didn't feel anything in the kiss

Why don't I feel anything when I kiss?

maybe its not the right person your kissing

How can you tell a regular kiss from a passionate kiss?

A regular kiss is something that you do and you don't feel anything special about it, but if it is passionate, then it is something different than what the regular kiss is, and you feel something special and it's just more intense.

Why does your boyfriend feel like he is doing something wrong when you kiss?

If you are underage, he is right to be careful.

What do you do if a guy wants to kiss you but you are scared?

Let him know how you feel first. If you feel it's wrong. Don't do it. But if you feel it's right, go for it.

What do you do if you want to kiss a guy but are scared?

Let him know how you feel first. If you feel it's wrong. Don't do it. But if you feel it's right, go for it.

Ok I am going into grade 7 and haven't had my first kiss i hang out with the popular crowd and all of them have kissed a boy So why wont guys kiss me Honestly Im hot nd had plenty of bfs wts wrong?

well, im a boy and i dont honestly think theres anything wrong, most boys like to have the girl make the first move, to make them feel like they are not being forced into anything, so my advice is take control, kiss your bf, he will kiss back xx

Is it wrong to kiss your boyfriend 5 days after you got together and your both 12?

No, it is not wrong to kiss him. It is never wrong to kiss a guy.

What do you do when your boyfriend ask for his first kiss?

Let him kiss you on the cheek first if your are uncomfortable. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. If he doesn't respect this, then he's into you for the wrong reasons.

What can go wrong in the nervous system?

You can get MS which means you cant feel anything

How do you get a girl who already has a boyfriend?

kiss her and tell her how you feel but don't say anything bad about the guy she is dating

When is the right time for a first kiss?

When it feels right. Don't feel pressured to do anything before you want to.

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